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  • Indian Ocean Dipole

    For Prelims: Indian Ocean Dipole, El Nino, IMD, Monsoon, ENSO, Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean. For Mains: Indian Ocean Dipole and its impact on El...

    28 Jun 2023 Water Resources

  • Titan Tragedy Lessons for Proposed Indian Submersible Dive

    For Prelims: Matsya-6000, Titan submersible, Deep Ocean Mission, RMS Titanic, Atlantic Ocean, NOAA, UNESCO. For Mains: Deep Ocean Mission and Its...

    28 Jun 2023 Water Resources

  • Chite Lui River

    Why in News? The Chite Lui River in Mizoram holds significant cultural and sentimental value for the people of the hilly northeastern...

    14 Jun 2023 Water Resources

  • Arctic Sea Ice Melting

    For Prelims: Arctic Amplification, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), IndARC, Albedo, Polar Jet Streams For Mains: Causes of Arctic...

    12 Jun 2023 Water Resources

  • Delayed Monsoon

    For Prelims: Inter Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) , westerly jet stream,Southern Oscillation (SO), India Meteorological Department (IMD). For...

    10 Jun 2023 Water Resources

  • El Nino 2023: Unusual Warming Like 2009

    For Prelims: El Nino, La Nina, El Nino-Southern Oscillation For Mains: EL Nino and its impacts, Relationship between El Nino and global...

    09 Jun 2023 Water Resources

  • Mekedatu Project

    For Prelims: Mekedatu project, Cauvery and its tributary Arkavathi, Cauvery Water Disputes Tribunal, National Board for Wildlife (NBWL), Central...

    05 Jun 2023 Water Resources

  • Unveiling Ancient Climate Secrets with Ladakh

    For Prelims: Deglaciation, Monsoon, Inter Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ), El Nino, Himalayan region, Climate change, Climate Evolution. For...

    01 Jun 2023 Water Resources

  • River Landforms 


    24 May 2023 Water Resources

  • Groundwater Extraction and Land Subsidence

    For Prelims: Groundwater extraction, Land subsidence, Urbanization, National Compilation of Dynamic Ground Water Resources in India, Central Ground...

    19 May 2023 Water Resources

  • Sludge Management

    For Prelims: National Mission for Clean Ganga, Sludge, Arth Ganga project For Mains: Sludge management in Indian sewage treatment plants,...

    11 May 2023 Water Resources

  • India's Climate and Weather Trends

    For Prelims: EL Nino, Southwest Monsoon Season, Heatwaves. For Mains: El Nino on India's monsoon season, role of climate change in the increasing...

    04 May 2023 Water Resources

  • Inter-State Water Dispute

    For Prelims: Inter-State Water Dispute, Inter-State River Water Disputes (ISRWD) Act 1956, Mahanadi Water Disputes Tribunal, Mahanadi River. For...

    27 Apr 2023 Water Resources

  • First Waterbodies Census

    Why in News? The Ministry of Jal Shakti recently released the report of its first-ever census of water bodies, revealing crucial insights into the...

    22 Apr 2023 Water Resources

  • El Nino

    For Prelims: EL Nino, ENSO, Southwest Monsoon Season, Heatwaves, Droughts, WMO. For Mains: El Nino and its Impact. Why in News? Many climate...

    08 Apr 2023 Water Resources

  • Subansiri Dam Project

    Why in News? The Subansiri Lower Hydroelectric project (SLHEP) on the Assam-Arunachal border was recently hit by a landslide during pre-monsoon...

    05 Apr 2023 Water Resources

  • Rejuvenating Small Water Bodies

    This editorial is based on “Rejuvenate small water bodies” which was published in the Hindu on 22/03/2023. It discusses the issues...

    24 Mar 2023 Water Resources

  • Gandak River

    Why in News? Recently, under Namami Gange Program, the development of river front on Gandak River in the district of Gopalganj, Bihar has been...

    21 Mar 2023 Water Resources

  • Protecting World Oceans

    This editorial is based on “A treaty to protect world oceans will serve everyone well” which was published in Livemint on 12/03/2023....

    20 Mar 2023 Water Resources

  • India’s Inland Water Transport

    For Prelims: Maritime India Vision 2030, Jal Vikas Marg Project (JVMP), Arth Ganga, Zero Carbon Emission. For Mains: India’s Inland Water...

    20 Mar 2023 Water Resources

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