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  • Tackling the Issue of Gender Pay Gap

    This editorial is based on “It pays to fix gender wage disparity” which was published in the Economic Times on 19/03/2023. It discusses...

    27 Mar 2023 Social Justice

  • World Tuberculosis Day 2023

    For Prelims: TB-free by 2025, WHO, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, World TB Report 2022, Nikshay Poshan Yojna, DBT. For Mains: World Tuberculosis Day...

    24 Mar 2023 Social Justice

  • Right to Health

    For Prelims: Right to Health, WHO, Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948), United Nations, Fundamental Rights, DPSP, Supreme Court. For...

    22 Mar 2023 Social Justice

  • Exclusion of ST Women from Hindu Succession Act

    For Prelims: Scheduled Tribe, Hindu Succession Amendment Act, 2005, Article 14 of the Constitution, Mitakshara school of Hindu law, Inheritance...

    21 Mar 2023 Social Justice

  • Achieving Universal Health Care

    This editorial is based on “Moving forward with a newer concept of Universal Health Care” which was published in the Hindu on...

    21 Mar 2023 Social Justice

  • Rising Concerns over Freshwater Shortages

    For Prelims: World Wide Fund for Nature, Central Ground Water Board, National Water Policy, 2012, Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana, Jal...

    16 Mar 2023 Social Justice

  • Centre Opposes Same-Sex Marriage

    For Prelims: Navteji Singh Johar Case, Fundamental Right, Personal Laws, LBTQIA+ Rights. For Mains: Arugments in Favour of Same Sex Marriage,...

    15 Mar 2023 Social Justice

  • Women's Underrepresentation in Politics

    This editorial is based on “In politics and bureaucracy, women are severely under-represented” which was published in the Indian...

    14 Mar 2023 Social Justice

  • Evolution of Women's Movements in India

    For Prelims: Economic Survey 2022-23, SHG, Nationalist Movement, State-Led Movement for Economic Empowerment. For Mains: Evolution of Women's...

    13 Mar 2023 Social Justice

  • Migrant Issues and Safeguards

    For Prelims: Human Migration, India’s migrant workers, Labour Codes. For Mains: Legal framework for migrant welfare, Issues with Labour Codes,...

    10 Mar 2023 Social Justice

  • International Women’s Day: Women in Armed Forces

    For Prelims: India’s Female Labour Force Participation, Women in Informal Economy, ILO, Global gender gap index. For Mains: Status of Women...

    09 Mar 2023 Social Justice

  • India’s Internal Migration

    For Prelims: Human Migration, India’s migrant workers, Migration in India Report 2020-21 For Mains: Significance of Migration, Challenges to...

    07 Mar 2023 Social Justice

  • Social Protection for Children: ILO-UNICEF

    Prelims: Social Protection for Children, ILO, UNICEF, Covid-19, Poverty, SDG, PM CARES for Children. Mains: Social Protection for Children:...

    06 Mar 2023 Social Justice

  • Addressing the Issue of Water Scarcity

    This editorial is based on “Don’t let water scarcity boil over” which was published in the Hindu BusinessLine on 24/02/2023. It...

    28 Feb 2023 Social Justice

  • Trends in Maternal Mortality: UN

    Prelims: Issues Related to Women, Maternal Mortality Ratio, SDG. Mains: Trends in Maternal Mortality: UN. Why in News? According to the United...

    24 Feb 2023 Social Justice

  • Genetic Information and Privacy

    Prelims: Genetic Information and Privacy, DNA Test, Supreme Court, Article 21, Article 14, Right to Privacy. Mains: Genetic Information and...

    23 Feb 2023 Social Justice

  • Creating Safe Workplace for Women

    This editorial is based on “Slow progress to creating a safe workplace for women” which was published in the Hindu Business Line on...

    22 Feb 2023 Social Justice

  • Special Marriage Act, 1954

    For Prelims: Special Marriage Act 1954, UK’s Marriage Act of 1949, Inheritance rights, Muslim Marriage Act, 1954, Hindu Marriage Act...

    18 Feb 2023 Social Justice

  • Shaping Disabled-Friendly Digital Ecosystem

    This editorial is based on “Shaping a more disabled-friendly digital ecosystem” which was published in the Hindu on 15/02/2023. It...

    16 Feb 2023 Social Justice

  • Revamping Rural Areas

    This editorial is based on “Getting real on rural uplift” which was published in the Hindu on 07/02/2023. It talks about the ways to...

    08 Feb 2023 Social Justice

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