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  • Barrier to Women's Labor Force Participation

    For Prelims: Women's Labor Force Participation, Wage Disparities, Gender Disparity, Female Labor Force Participation Rate, Human Capital...

    01 Aug 2023 Social Justice

  • Children and Domestic Labour

    For Prelims: Child Labor, International Labour Organization, National Crime Records Bureau, Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act,...

    31 Jul 2023 Social Justice

  • Global Education Monitoring Report 2023: UNESCO

    For Prelims: Global Education Monitoring Report 2023, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, Covid-19 Pandemic, SDG...

    28 Jul 2023 Social Justice

  • Quick-Fix Water Management

    For Prelims: Amrit Sarovar Mission, Atal Bhujal Yojana, Quick-fix Water Solutions For Mains: Water Scarcity and related Steps taken, Water...

    25 Jul 2023 Social Justice

  • Global Efforts Towards Immunization

    For Prelims: World Health Organization, United Nations Children's Fund, DTP Vaccine, Covid-19 pandemic, Human papillomavirus (HPV), Immunization...

    24 Jul 2023 Social Justice

  • Gender Parity and Women's Empowerment Gap

    For Prelims: United Nations, Women's Empowerment Index (WEI), Global Gender Parity Index (GGPI) For Mains: Challenges and gaps in achieving...

    21 Jul 2023 Social Justice

  • National Multidimensional Poverty Index

    For Prelims: National Multidimensional Poverty Index, NITI Aayog, National Family Health Survey, Poverty, Sustainable Development Goals. For...

    19 Jul 2023 Social Justice

  • Diabetes Mellitus and Tuberculosis

    For Prelims: Diabetes Mellitus and Tuberculosis, Epidemics, Type 2 Diabetes, Tuberculosis, Respiratory Infections. For Mains: Diabetes Mellitus...

    17 Jul 2023 Social Justice

  • Atal Vayo Abhyuday Yojana

    For Prelims: Atal Vayo Abhyuday Yojana, Issues Related to Elderly, IPSrC, RVY, BPL, NPOL. For Mains: Atal Vayo Abhyuday Yojana. Source:...

    13 Jul 2023 Social Justice

  • Multidimensional Poverty Index 2023

    For Prelims: Multidimensional Poverty Index, UNDP, Poverty, Education, Health, Standard of Living. For Mains: Multidimensional Poverty...

    12 Jul 2023 Social Justice

  • WHO's Food Marketing Recommendations for Child Protection

    For Prelims: World Health Organization, Convention on the Rights of the Child, HFSS foods For Mains: Impact of Food Marketing on Children, Issues...

    08 Jul 2023 Social Justice

  • Anaemia and Maternal Health

    For Prelims: Anemia and Maternal Health, Anemia, PPH, Anemia Mukta Bharat. For Mains: Anemia and Maternal Health. Why in News? Recently, a...

    06 Jul 2023 Social Justice

  • Rehabilitation Scheme for Victims of Trafficking

    For Prelims: National Crime Records Bureau, Article 23 and 24 of the Constitution of India, Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act, 1956 (ITPA),...

    06 Jul 2023 Social Justice

  • India Removed from the Report on Children and Armed Conflict

    Why in News? For Prelims: Report on Children and Armed Conflict, UN General Assembly (UNGA), Juvenile Justice Act, 2015, Protection of Children...

    29 Jun 2023 Social Justice

  • Shorter Medical Course to Address Rural Doctor Shortage

    For Prelims: Ayushman Bharat, National Health Mission, Accredited Social Health Activists For Mains: Potential of India’s Healthcare Sector,...

    26 Jun 2023 Social Justice

  • UNDP and DAY-NULM for Women Entrepreneurs

    For Prelims: United Nations Development Programme, DAY-NULM, Biz-Sakhis, Care economy For Mains: Women Entrepreneurs in India, Challenges Faced by...

    23 Jun 2023 Social Justice

  • Adoption in India

    For Prelims: Adoption in India, Central Adoption Resource Authority, Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act, 1956, Juvenile Justice (Care and...

    22 Jun 2023 Social Justice

  • Global Gender Gap Report 2023: WEF

    For Prelims: Global Gender Gap Report 2023, WEF, Global Gender Gap Index, Gender Parity, Local Governance. For Mains: Global Gender Gap Report...

    22 Jun 2023 Social Justice

  • Anxiety Disorders

    For Prelims: Anxiety, Anxiety disorders, Mental Health For Mains: Mental Health in India, De-Stigmatizing Mental Health. Why in...

    22 Jun 2023 Social Justice

  • Global Trends: Forced Displacement in 2022

    For Prelims: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, World War II, Internal displacement, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ukraine, 1951...

    21 Jun 2023 Social Justice

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