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  • Declaration for the Future of the Internet

    For Prelims: Internet, Declaration for the Future of the Internet, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, human rights For Mains: Internet Freedom...

    05 May 2022 IT & Computers

  • Need for New IT Law

    For Prelims: Information Technology Act,2000, Cybercrimes, Splinternet, Section 66A of the IT Act, Data Protection law For Mains: Need for Review...

    28 Apr 2022 IT & Computers

  • European Union Digital Services Act 

    For Prelims: European Parliament and European Union (EU), Digital Services Act (DSA), Russia-Ukraine conflict For Mains: Digital Services Act,...

    26 Apr 2022 IT & Computers

  • A Pros and Cons Analysis of the CBDC

    This editorial is based on “CBDC in India — the Pros and the Cons” which was published in The Hindu BusinessLine on 23/04/2022. It...

    25 Apr 2022 IT & Computers

  • AgriTech and Agri-Startups

    This editorial is based on “Unlocking the Potential of Agri-Tech” which was published in The Hindu BusinessLine. It talks about the...

    19 Apr 2022 IT & Computers

  • 5G Vertical Engagement and Partnership Program

    Why in News? The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has invited Expression of Interest (EoI) for “5G Vertical Engagement and Partnership...

    12 Apr 2022 IT & Computers

  • The Growth Story of Startups

    This editorial is based on “How India’s Early-Stage Startup Ecosystem Became an Investment Hotspot” which was published in...

    11 Apr 2022 IT & Computers

  • Near Field Communication Technology

    For Prelims: NFC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Technologies. For Mains: IT and Computers. Why in News? Google Pay has recently launched a new feature in...

    05 Apr 2022 IT & Computers

  • Broadcast Seva Portal

    Why in News? The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has launched the Broadcast Seva (BS) Portal. The portal is likely to help 900 satellite...

    05 Apr 2022 IT & Computers

  • A Social Contract for Data

    This editorial is based on “Forging a Social Contract for Data” which was published in The Hindu on 26/03/2022. It talks about the need...

    30 Mar 2022 IT & Computers

  • Perspective: The Crypto Question

    Why in News? When Bitcoin started in 2008, the total market capitalisation of all cryptocurrencies was only $20 billion in early 2017 which...

    24 Mar 2022 IT & Computers

  • Draft National Tourism Policy

    For Prelims: Tourism in India, Schemes Related to tourism, Draft National Tourism Policy. For Mains: Government Policies & Interventions,...

    19 Mar 2022 IT & Computers

  • Blockchain Gaming in India

    For Prelims: Blockchain Technology, Blockchain Gaming, cryptocurrency, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), CyrptoKitties, Difference between Games of skill...

    14 Mar 2022 IT & Computers

  • Data Protection and Data Accessibility Policy

    This editorial is based on “An Open Data Policy Won’t Work Without Earnest Implementation” which was published in Livemint on...

    12 Mar 2022 IT & Computers

  • UPI123Pay and Digisaathi

    Why in News The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has launched new UPI services for feature phones called UPI123Pay for non internet users to make digital...

    10 Mar 2022 IT & Computers

  • Low-Energy Chip to Prevent Side Channel Attacks

    For Prelims: Side Channel Attacks, Internet of Things. For Mains: IT & Computers Significance of Low Energy Chip in Countering Side Channel...

    07 Mar 2022 IT & Computers

  • Draft India Data Accessibility & Use Policy 2022

    For Prelims: Data Accessibility Policy, High Value Data, India Data Office, Data Protection Law. For Mains: Government Policies &...

    24 Feb 2022 IT & Computers

  • Quantum Key Distribution Technology

    For Prelims: Quantum Key Distribution Technology, Quantum Technology and its applications, Qubits. For Mains: Quantum Key Distribution Technology...

    24 Feb 2022 IT & Computers

  • Non Fungible Tokens

    For Prelims: Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Technology. For Mains: Non Fungible Tokens working and associated risks,...

    22 Feb 2022 IT & Computers

  • Banning Chinese Apps

    For Prelims: Location of China and other countries around it. For Mains: Economic Impact of Banning Chinese Apps, Government Policies &...

    17 Feb 2022 IT & Computers

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