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  • Geospatial Sector

    This editorial is based on “Zooming in on The Potential of India’s Geospatial Sector” which was published in The Hindu...

    16 Feb 2022 IT & Computers

  • Launching Digital Rupee - Challenges and Opportunities

    This editorial is based on “RBI Shouldn’t Rush the Launch of India’s Official Digital Rupee” which was published in...

    09 Feb 2022 IT & Computers

  • Content Regulatory Powers of the I&B Ministry

    For Prelims: Content Regulation, IT Rules, 2021, Over the Top platforms, Social Media, Press, Central Board of Film Certification, Cable TV Network...

    08 Feb 2022 IT & Computers

  • Artificial Neural Network

    For Prelims: Artificial Neural Network , Big Data, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Technology. For Mains: IT & Computers, Artificial Neural...

    07 Feb 2022 IT & Computers

  • Introducing Web 3.0

    This editorial is based on "India Is Now A Nation Firmly Into Web3” which was published in Livemint on 04/02/2022. It talks about the role...

    04 Feb 2022 IT & Computers

  • Virtual Digital Assets

    For Prelims: Virtual Digital Assets, clause (47A), Digital Rupee, cryptocurrency. For Mains: Regulation of crypto currencies. Why in...

    03 Feb 2022 IT & Computers

  • 5G Telecoms and Airline Safety

    For Prelims: 5G Technology, Airline Safety For Mains: Threat Posed by 5G Services on Airline Safety and Solution. Why in News Recently, the US...

    19 Jan 2022 IT & Computers

  • Web 3.0

    For Prelims: Web 1.0, Web 2.0, Web.3.0, Internet, Blockchain Technology. For Mains: Different Versions of Web, Blockchain Technology,...

    18 Jan 2022 IT & Computers

  • Millimetre Wave band in 5G

    For Prelims: Millimetre Wave band, 5G, Low-Earth Orbit (LEO), Satellite Industry, Spectrum, International Telecommunication Union For mains: 5G...

    15 Jan 2022 IT & Computers

  • Open Source Software Platform

    For Prelims: Computer Emergency Response System (Cert-In), open-source software, GitHub, GovTech 3.0. For Mains: Government Policy on open-source...

    04 Jan 2022 IT & Computers

  • Indian Army sets up Quantum Lab, Artificial Intelligence Centre

    For Prelims: Quantum Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Internet-of-Things, Industrial Revolution 4.0. For Mains: Applications of Quantum...

    31 Dec 2021 IT & Computers

  • Blockchain Beyond Cryptocurrencies

    This editorial is based on “Blockchain in Schools and Colleges” which was published in Indian Express on 30/12/2021. It talks about the...

    30 Dec 2021 IT & Computers

  • 5G in India

    For Prelims: 5G, IoT, big data, AI, edge computing, fourth industrial revolution. For Mains:Uses of 5G, Challenges for 5G Rollout in India,...

    28 Dec 2021 IT & Computers

  • Making India A Tech-Leader

    This editorial is based on “Can India Become A Technology Leader?” which was published in The Hindu on 20/12/2021. It talks about the...

    20 Dec 2021 IT & Computers

  • Log4Shell Vulnerability

    For Prelims: Log4Shell, open-source logging software Apache Log4J, vulnerability in computer security, Application Logging For Mains: Impact of...

    15 Dec 2021 IT & Computers

  • NASA’s New Communications System: LCRD

    Why in News Recently, NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) has launched its new Laser Communications Relay Demonstration...

    13 Dec 2021 IT & Computers

  • Facial Recognition Technology

    Why in News After a delay of three years, passengers will be able to use a face scan as their boarding pass at four airports (Varanasi, Pune,...

    06 Dec 2021 IT & Computers

  • India’s Startup Ecosystem

    This article is based on “The Promise and Pitfalls of India’s Startup Boom” which was published in the Livemint on 30/11/2021. It...

    30 Nov 2021 IT & Computers

  • Central Bank Digital Currency

    Why in News Recently, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has proposed amendments to the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934, which would enable it to...

    30 Nov 2021 IT & Computers

  • India’s Telecom Space

    This editorial is based on “Don’t Wait for a Distress Call” which was published in Indian Express on 25/11/2021. It talks about...

    25 Nov 2021 IT & Computers

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