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  • India and Sino-Russian Alliance

    This editorial is based on “A new Sino-Russian alliance: What are its implications for India?” which was published in Indian Express on...

    02 Feb 2023 International Relations

  • UNSC Reforms

    Prelims: UNSC, Membership of UNSC, Peacekeeping missions of UN, Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). Mains: Issues Associated to the...

    01 Feb 2023 International Relations

  • Indus Waters Treaty

    Prelims: Kishanganga and Ratle Hydro Electric Projects, Article IX of the IWT, Indus and its tributaries. Mains: Indus Waters Treaty and...

    28 Jan 2023 International Relations

  • India-Egypt Relations

    For Prelims: Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Republic Day For Mains: Relationship Between India and...

    27 Jan 2023 International Relations

  • China Builds New Dam in Tibet

    Prelims: Line of Actual Control, Mabja Zangbo drive, River Ganga, Brahmaputra River. Mains: Concerns over China’s Building New Dam in...

    23 Jan 2023 International Relations

  • India Sri Lanka Relations

    For Prelims: International Monetary Fund (IMF), Sri Lanka’s official creditors, World Bank, Global Financial Stability Report, India-Sri...

    23 Jan 2023 International Relations

  • Davos Summit 2023: WEF

    Prelims: Chief Economists Outlook, Coalition of Trade Ministers on Climate, Giving to Amplify Earth Action. Mains: Davos Summit 2023, World...

    21 Jan 2023 International Relations

  • India and the New Eurasia

    This editorial is based on “In light of China-Russia alliance and Ukraine conflict, India and the new Eurasia” which was published in...

    20 Jan 2023 International Relations

  • India-Oman Strategic Dialogue

    Prelims: India-Oman Strategic Dialogue, India-Oman Relations, Indo-Pacific, Maritime Safety and Security, Terrorism, Arabian Sea, IORA. Mains:...

    20 Jan 2023 International Relations

  • India and Maldives

    Prelims: SAGAR, Neighborhood First, Community Development Project (HICDP) scheme, India’s neighborhood policy, String of Pearls. Mains:...

    20 Jan 2023 International Relations

  • Enhancing Cooperation in South Asia

    This editorial is based on “The illogical rejection of the idea of South Asia” which was published in The Hindu on 18/01/2023. It talks...

    19 Jan 2023 International Relations

  • India and the New Eurasia

    Prelims: Russia-Ukraine, NATO, QUAD, Indo-Pacific, AUKUS, INSTC Mains: India and the New Eurasia, Challenges and Potential. Why in News? As...

    19 Jan 2023 International Relations

  • India’s Role in the Governance of Global South

    This editorial is based on “India and the new global order” which was published in Indian Express on 16/01/2023. It talks about India's...

    17 Jan 2023 International Relations

  • India-US Trade Policy Forum

    For Prelims: India-US Trade Relations, IPEF For Mains: India-US Trade Relations - Significance, Challenges Why in News? Recently, the Union...

    13 Jan 2023 International Relations

  • The Indian Diaspora

    For Prelims: Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas (PBD), Non-Resident Indians (NRI), Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs), Overseas Citizens of India (OCIs) For...

    10 Jan 2023 International Relations

  • India-Armenia Relations

    For Prelims: Location of Armenia For Mains: India-Armenia Relations Why in News? Armenia and India celebrated 30 years of bilateral diplomatic...

    30 Dec 2022 International Relations

  • Ukraine Peace Formula

    For Prelims: G-20, G-7, Peace Formula For Mains: Ukraine’s Peace Formula and World’s Response to it Why in News? Recently, the...

    30 Dec 2022 International Relations

  • Geopolitical Challenges and Opportunities for India in 2023

    For Prelims: G-20 Summit, Ukraine-Russia, Tavang Clash, Sri Lanka Crisis, Nepal. For Mains: Groupings & Agreements Involving India and/or...

    29 Dec 2022 International Relations

  • India-Nepal Relations

    For Prelims: India-Nepal Treaty of Peace and Friendship of 1950, Kalapani Boundary Issue For Mains: India-Nepal Relations - Significance,...

    28 Dec 2022 International Relations

  • Foreign Policy of India

    For Prelims: United Nation Security Council (UNSC), United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Human Rights...

    27 Dec 2022 International Relations

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