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  • China Taiwan Conflict

    For Prelims: China-Taiwan Conflict, South China Sea,Taiwan Relations Act, One China Polic. For Mains: Significance of Taiwan, Stand of India on...

    12 Apr 2023 International Relations

  • The Language Friendship Bridge

    For Prelims: The Language Friendship Bridge, ICCR, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, shared cultural heritage. For Mains: Challenges and opportunities in...

    11 Apr 2023 International Relations

  • India-Japan Defence Policy Dialogue

    For Prelims: India-Japan Defence Exercises, G-20, QUAD, G-4. For Mains: Significance, Challenges in India-Japan Relationship. Why in...

    08 Apr 2023 International Relations

  • Reincarnation in Tibetan Buddhism

    For Prelims: Dalai Lama, Tibetan Buddhism, Reincarnation in Buddhism For Mains: India’s Tibet Policy, India China Relations. Why in...

    08 Apr 2023 International Relations

  • China, Japan Set Up Military Hotline

    For Prelims: Senkaku island, Diaoyu island, East China Sea For Mains: Impact of Territorial Disputes in Geopolitics Why in News? Recently,...

    07 Apr 2023 International Relations

  • Bhutan’s King Visits India

    For Prelims: Chhukha hydro-electric project, Integrated Check Post along the India-Bhutan border, STEM-based initiatives, Bharat Interface for...

    06 Apr 2023 International Relations

  • OPEC+ Announces Additional Production Cuts

    For Prelims: OPEC+, OPEC. For Mains: OPEC+’s Oil Production Cut and Its Impact. Why in News? The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting...

    05 Apr 2023 International Relations

  • Promoting India's Culture through Foreign Students

    For Prelims: Awards of Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), Indian Tourism Development Corporation, All India Survey on Higher Education...

    04 Apr 2023 International Relations

  • U.K. Signed CPTPP

    For Prelims: CPTPP, Brexit, FTA, Indo-Pacific. For Mains: International Treaties & Agreements Why in News? Recently, the U.K. Signed the...

    03 Apr 2023 International Relations

  • India-Romania Defense Agreement

    For Prelims: Indo-Pacific, EU, NATO, MFN, Climate Change, INSTC. For Mains: India-Romania Defense Agreement. Why in News? Recently, India and...

    03 Apr 2023 International Relations

  • India's Role in the Korean War

    For Prelims: Korean War, Second World War, USSR, UN, Non-Alignment Movement, Russia and Ukraine. For Mains: India's Role in the Korean War. Why...

    03 Apr 2023 International Relations

  • Japan’s Official Development Assistance

    For Prelims: India-Japan Relations, Climate Change, Patna Metro, Western Dedicated Freight Corridor. For Mains: Japan’s Official Development...

    30 Mar 2023 International Relations

  • IMF Bailouts

    For Prelims: IMF, Special Drawing Rights For Mains: IMF Bailouts - advantages and drawbacks Why in News? The International Monetary Fund (IMF)...

    27 Mar 2023 International Relations

  • ICC Issues Arrest Warrant for Vladimir Putin

    For Prelims: ICC, ICJ, United Nation Security Council. For Mains: Important International institutions. Why in News? The International...

    20 Mar 2023 International Relations

  • Fragmented Globalisation

    This editorial is based on “Fragmented Globalisation” which was published in Financial Express on 11/03/2023. It talks about how the...

    17 Mar 2023 International Relations

  • China, India and the Promise of the Power

    Prelims: China, India and the Promise of the Power, SCO, G-20, GDP. Mains: China, India and the Promise of the Power. Why in News? With...

    17 Mar 2023 International Relations

  • India and the AUKUS Grouping

    This editorial is based on “India and the Anglosphere” which was published in the Indian Express on 15/02/2023. It discusses the Issue...

    16 Mar 2023 International Relations

  • India - Australia Critical Minerals Investment Partnership

    For Prelims: Critical Minerals, QUAD, Indo-Pacific Region For Mains: India and Australia Relations, India-Australia Critical Minerals Investment...

    16 Mar 2023 International Relations

  • Doha Political Declaration on LDCs

    Prelims: Doha Political Declaration, Least Developed Countries, Unted Nations, SDGs, Climate Change, Covid-19. Mains: Doha Political Declaration...

    14 Mar 2023 International Relations

  • CJI Urges SCO Member States to Strive for Judicial Cooperation

    For Prelims: Chief Justice of India (CJI), Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), E-version of Supreme Court reports, Artificial intelligence,...

    13 Mar 2023 International Relations

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