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  • Statue of Unity

    Prime Minister has inaugurated the Statue of Unity at Kevadiya in Narmada district of Gujarat. The Statue of Unity which is built in honour of...

    31 Oct 2018 Indian Heritage & Culture

  • The Allahabad In Prayagraj

    (The editorial is based on the article “The Allahabad in Prayagraj” which appeared in The Indian Express on 25th October 2018. It...

    25 Oct 2018 Indian Heritage & Culture

  • Naya Jain Mandir (Jains in Mughal Administration)

    The Jain trading community came to Delhi on the invitation of Shah Jahan (1628 AD-1658 AD) when the city of Shahjahanabad (Old Delhi) was being...

    23 Oct 2018 Indian Heritage & Culture

  • The Petroglyphs of Ratnagiri

    Different sites with petroglyphs in Ratnagiri and Rajapur districts have been found over the last two or three years. The way the petroglyphs have...

    20 Oct 2018 Indian Heritage & Culture

  • Annapurna Devi of Hindustani Music Passes Away

    Annapurna Devi, prominent artist of classical Hindustani music, recently passed away at the age of 92. She was the iconic and famously reclusive...

    17 Oct 2018 Indian Heritage & Culture

  • Qutb Shahi Architecture

    Golconda Fort, Qutb Shahi Tombs and Charminar, located in Hyderabad, are the landmarks that together symbolize the Qutb Shahi Dynasty (1518 A.D. to...

    15 Oct 2018 Indian Heritage & Culture

  • Deccan History: Cosmopolitan World

    Deccan history is full of cosmopolitan world where mobility, fluid identities, cross-cultural interactions and political strategies defy the modern...

    17 Sep 2018 Indian Heritage & Culture

  • Pongal Tamil Harvest Festivals


    12 Sep 2018 Indian Heritage & Culture

  • Heritage Tag For Two Telangana Irrigation Projects

    International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID) has accepted Telangana government’s nomination of two irrigation projects in the...

    10 Sep 2018 Indian Heritage & Culture

  • International Buddhist Conclave 2018

    The President of India will inaugurate the “International Buddhist Conclave (IBC), 2018” in New Delhi on 23rd August, 2018. The...

    22 Aug 2018 Indian Heritage & Culture

  • Adopt a Heritage: Project for Development of Tourist Friendly Destinations

    ‘Adopt a Heritage’ Scheme was called a “sell-out” when the Red Fort was adopted by Dalmia Bharat which committed 25...

    10 Aug 2018 Indian Heritage & Culture

  • Changes That Will Change India

    –Sarmad Wani At the stroke of midnight hour August 15, 1947 India did not rise to life and freedom. When our leaders self-congratulated...

    25 Jul 2018 Indian Heritage & Culture

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