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  • Members of European Parliament Visit Kashmir

    Why in News? A delegation of European Union Members of Parliament (MEPs), comprising 27 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) from Italy,...

    01 Nov 2019 Centre-State Relations

  • NAGA Conundrum

    This article is based on “Naga talks: long road, issues” which was published in The Indian Express on 28/10/2019. It talks about the...

    29 Oct 2019 Centre-State Relations

  • The Big Picture - Economy: Public Spending Council

    The Indian economy is facing a slowdown, and the Prime Minister and his Economic Advisory Council are of the view that the government needs to form...

    29 Aug 2019 Centre-State Relations

  • Delimitation of Jammu and Kashmir

    Recently, the Election Commission of India held internal discussions on the delimitation of constituencies ahead of elections to the new Union...

    14 Aug 2019 Centre-State Relations

  • Article 370

    On 5th August 2019, President of India in the exercise of the powers conferred by Clause (1) of Article 370 of the Constitution had issued the...

    14 Aug 2019 Centre-State Relations

  • Western Zonal Council

    The 24th meeting of the Western Zonal Council, to be chaired by Union Home Minister, will be held in Panjim (Goa) on August 22, 2019. Speedy...

    13 Aug 2019 Centre-State Relations

  • J&K and 15th Finance Commission

    With the change in status of Jammu & Kashmir’s statehood, the Fifteenth Finance Commission will have to rework its calculations for inter...

    06 Aug 2019 Centre-State Relations

  • Governance Reforms in Jammu and Kashmir

    The Parliament has extended the President Rule In Jammu & Kashmir for another six months. Governance Issues in J&K The Central government...

    22 Jul 2019 Centre-State Relations

  • Cooperative and Competitive Federalism in India

    Context Federalism is derived from the Latin world foedus, which means agreement. In fact federation is an agreement between two types of...

    19 Jun 2019 Centre-State Relations

  • A Perennial Quandary on Separation of Power

    The Madras High Court ruled that the Lieutenant-Governor (L-G) of Puducherry could not interfere with the day-to-day administration of the Union...

    01 May 2019 Centre-State Relations

  • Challenges for Federal Structure

    Instances of tussle between the agencies of central government and the state governments have now become common in India. The latest one in the...

    20 Apr 2019 Centre-State Relations

  • In Depth: Jammu and Kashmir

    Both Article 370 and Article 35A have been subject matters of debates for several years. They've been continuously challenged in the Supreme Court...

    18 Apr 2019 Centre-State Relations

  • Is Judiciary Supporting Centralising Tendencies of the Government?

    (The editorial is based on the article “The imperial cabinet and an acquiescent court” which appeared in The Hindu for 8th March 2019. In...

    08 Mar 2019 Centre-State Relations

  • States Deny Consent to CBI

    The Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal governments withdrew “general consent” to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) for investigating...

    19 Nov 2018 Centre-State Relations

  • Article 370


    11 Sep 2018 Centre-State Relations

  • Refer Krishna Dispute to Tribunal

    Telangana Chief Minister has requested Union Governemnt to refer the water disputes pertaining to sharing of Krishna water to the tribunal under the...

    28 Aug 2018 Centre-State Relations

  • The Big Picture – Article 370

    Since the BJP and PDP alliance broke in Jammu and Kashmir, there have been debates on whether Article 370 which grants special status to the state,...

    14 Aug 2018 Centre-State Relations

  • Punjab Seeks Special Category Status

    The State government of Punjab has asked the Centre to grant it special category status under the Pradhan Mantri Rashtriya Swasthya Suraksha...

    25 Jul 2018 Centre-State Relations

  • ‘New India’ will be Realised with the Vision of a ‘New North East’

    At the concluding session of the 67th Plenary Session of the North East Council (NEC), the Union Home Minister said that the road to ‘New...

    11 Jul 2018 Centre-State Relations

  • Nine Parties Oppose Proposal for Simultaneous Elections

    Nine political parties have expressed their reservations on the issue of holding simultaneous Lok Sabha and Assembly elections during consultations...

    09 Jul 2018 Centre-State Relations

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