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  • C.B.I and Consent of States

    Why in News Recently, the Supreme Court has held that once a court takes cognisance of a corruption case investigated by the CBI, it cannot be set...

    18 Nov 2020 Centre-State Relations

  • Punjab Assembly Rejects Centre’s Farm Laws

    Why in News Recently, Punjab became the first State in the country to formally reject the Central government’s three Farm Acts by passing...

    21 Oct 2020 Centre-State Relations

  • Gurkha Rights in Assam

    Why in News The Gurkha community in Assam has sought gazette notification ensuring that the safeguards according to Clause 6 of the 1985 Assam...

    16 Oct 2020 Centre-State Relations

  • Supreme Court on Right to Protest

    Why in News Recently, the Supreme Court (SC) has upheld the right to peaceful protest against the law but also cleared that public ways and public...

    08 Oct 2020 Centre-State Relations

  • Federalism and Emerging Challenges

    Why in News Recently, several states have complained about the growing crisis of Indian federalism. They have argued about the Ordinances and the...

    30 Sep 2020 Centre-State Relations

  • States Planning to Bypass Central Legislation

    Why in News Recently, many states are exploring the possibilities of passing legislation under Article 254(2) of the Constitution, to negate the...

    29 Sep 2020 Centre-State Relations

  • The Big Picture: End of the Road for Northeast Insurgency

    With more and more insurgent groups joining peace talks with the government, the Northeast region is witnessing a drastic decline in insurgency in...

    09 Sep 2020 Centre-State Relations

  • Issue of Naga Insurgency

    This editorial analysis is based on the article The search for an end to the complex Naga conflict which was published in The Hindu on 8th of...

    08 Sep 2020 Centre-State Relations

  • GST Compensation Standoff

    This editorial analysis is based on the article Grim Sovereign Tangle: On GST compensation standoff, which was published in The Hindu on 3rd of...

    04 Sep 2020 Centre-State Relations

  • Protests Against Farm Ordinances

    Why in News Recently, the Punjab Assembly passed a resolution and rejected the Centre’s recent farm ordinances and the proposed Electricity...

    29 Aug 2020 Centre-State Relations

  • SC Decision on UGC Guidelines on Conduct of Examinations

    Why in News The Supreme Court ruled that the states are empowered under the Disaster Management Act, 2005 (DM Act) to override University Grants...

    29 Aug 2020 Centre-State Relations

  • UGC on University Exams

    Why in News The University Grants Commission (UGC) objected to Maharashtra and Delhi governments employing the Disaster Management Act, 2005 to...

    11 Aug 2020 Centre-State Relations

  • Emergency Provisions

    A state of emergency in India refers to a period of governance that can be proclaimed by the President of India during certain crisis situations....

    08 Aug 2020 Centre-State Relations

  • J&K Issue Raised at UNSC

    Why in News Recently, China has called India’s move in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) “illegal and invalid” and raised the issue at...

    06 Aug 2020 Centre-State Relations

  • Grant in Aid for Rural Local Bodies

    Why in News Recently, the Ministry of Finance has released a part of grants-in-aid of Rs. 15187.50 crore for around 2.63 lakh Rural Local Bodies...

    17 Jul 2020 Centre-State Relations

  • Increased Funding for Panchayats

    Why in News Recently, in a meeting with the 15th Finance Commission, the Panchayati Raj Ministry has pitched for a fivefold increase in funding for...

    26 Jun 2020 Centre-State Relations

  • Secrecy of Ballot

    Why in News In a recent judgement, the Supreme Court has held that secrecy of ballot is the cornerstone of free and fair elections. The choice of...

    22 Jun 2020 Centre-State Relations

  • Water Dispute Between Telangana and Andhra Pradesh

    Why in News Recently, the Union government has decided to take the stock of water utilisation from the Krishna and Godavari rivers following the...

    10 Jun 2020 Centre-State Relations

  • Boosting Infrastructure Along China Border

    Why in News Recently, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has announced to spend 10% funds of the Border Area Development Programme (BADP) only to...

    05 Jun 2020 Centre-State Relations

  • Covid-19 and Indian Federalism

    This article is based on “Reaffirm cooperative federalism” which was published in The Hindu on 13/05/2020. It talks about the nature of...

    14 May 2020 Centre-State Relations

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