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Sagarmala Seaplane Services

  • 05 Jan 2021
  • 3 min read

Why in News

The Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways is starting the ambitious Project of Sagarmala Seaplane Services (SSPS) with potential airline operators.

  • A seaplane is a fixed-wing aeroplane designed for taking off and landing on water.

Key Points

  • Mechanism:
    • The project is being initiated under a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) framework through prospective airline operators.
    • SPV is a legal object formed for a specifically-defined singular purpose.
  • Project Implementation:
    • The project execution and implementation would be through Sagarmala Development Company Ltd (SDCL), which is under the administrative control of the Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways.
    • Airline operators will be invited to form a SPV with SDCL.
    • The routes may be operated under the government’s subsidised ude desh ka aam nagrik (UDAN) scheme.
  • Location: Several destinations are envisaged for seaplane operations:

  • Benefits and Significance:
    • The seaplanes services will be a game-changer providing a supplementary means of faster and comfortable transportation across the nation.
    • Apart from providing air connectivity to various remote religious/tourist places, it will boost tourism for domestic and international holiday makers.
    • It will save travel time and stimulate localized short distance travelling especially in the hilly regions or across the rivers/lakes etc.
    • It will provide infrastructure enhancements at the places of operations.
    • It will generate employment opportunities.
  • Previous Project:
Sagarmala Programme
  • The Sagarmala Programme was approved by the Union Cabinet in 2015 which aims at holistic port infrastructure development along the 7,516-km long coastline through modernisation, mechanisation and computerisation.
  • Under this port-led development framework, the government hopes to increase its cargo traffic three-fold.
  • It also includes the establishment of rail/road linkages with the port terminals, thus providing last-mile connectivity to ports; development of linkages with new regions, enhanced multi-modal connectivity including rail, inland water, coastal and road services.


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