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Mazhavillu- An App for Transgenders

  • 09 Jul 2018
  • 3 min read

The Kerala government has decided to roll out a mobile app- Mazhavillu, for transgenders in the State since very few have registered for the transgender ID card scheme.

  • The app has been named Mazhavillu after the government’s project for the transgender community.
  • The app will obviate the need for transgenders to visit government offices for registration; they can now do it on the app without any apprehension of their gender identity being revealed.
  • The app would be developed by the Centre for Development of Imaging Technology.

Need for the ID Card

  • The government has no clear data on the number of transgenders in the State. This is perceived to be a hurdle to the various benefits meant for transgenders.
  • To address the issues, the transgender community mooted the development of a mobile app where they could register.
  • So far, only 300-odd transgenders have registered for scheme - due to reluctance to reveal their identity.
  • However, the ID cards had drawn flak for not carrying the emblem of the government and for identifying their gender as ‘transgenders.’

The App

  • Once they have registered on the app, the information will reach community-based organisations of transgenders for verification that the applicants are indeed transgenders. These organisations have grass-root level connections with the community members.
  • Once the verification is complete, the data will be registered on the app.

Short-Stay Homes

  • The government is also pressing ahead with setting up short-stay homes for transgenders in the districts.
  • The homes will aid rehabilitation of transgenders, a chunk of whom have been thrown out of their homes or have strained ties with their families.
  • A care home too will come up in the district to address the physical and mental challenges faced by transgenders who have undergone sex reassignment surgery. A maximum of 15 persons could stay in the home simultaneously during the treatment period.
  • The transgender 24x7 helpline functioning from the department office would also be shifted to the same facility, to be managed by non-government or community-based organisations working with the transgender community.
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