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  • Addressing the Menstrual Health & Hygiene

    This editorial is based on Menstrual health is a public health issue which was published in The Hindu on 29/05/2023. It talks about the stigma...

    29 May 2023 Social Empowerment

  • World Menstrual Hygiene Day

    For Prelims: World Menstrual Hygiene Day, Government schemes to promote menstrual hygiene, Menstruation For Mains: Issues Related to Women,...

    29 May 2023 Social Empowerment

  • Model Prisons Act 2023

    For Prelims: The Prisons Act of 1894, Prisons, State Subject, NCRB, NALSA, E-Prison. For Mains: Model Prisons Act 2023, Issues Related to Prisons...

    17 May 2023 Social Empowerment

  • Polygamy in India

    For Prelims: Polygamy in India, Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, NFHS, Indian Penal Code, 1860, Muslim Personal Law Application Act of 1937. For Mains:...

    13 May 2023 Social Empowerment

  • Code on Social Security 2020 and Gig Workers

    For Prelims: Gig worker, Social Security, Employees Provident Fund, Garib Kalyan Rojgar Abhiyaan, e-Shram Portal, Code on Wages, 2019. For Mans:...

    27 Apr 2023 Social Empowerment

  • Ranganath Report and Quota for Dalit Converts

    For Prelims: Criterion for SC Status, Constitution (Scheduled Castes) Order of 1950, Registrar General of India. For Mains: Criterion for SC...

    15 Apr 2023 Social Empowerment

  • Women and Men in India 2022

    For Prelims: Sex Ratio, Gender Description, Fertility Rate. For Mains: Women and Men in India 2022 Report. Why in News? Recently, the Ministry...

    20 Mar 2023 Social Empowerment

  • Centre Opposes Same-Sex Marriage

    For Prelims: Navteji Singh Johar Case, Fundamental Right, Personal Laws, LBTQIA+ Rights. For Mains: Arugments in Favour of Same Sex Marriage,...

    15 Mar 2023 Social Empowerment

  • Evolution of Women's Movements in India

    For Prelims: Economic Survey 2022-23, SHG, Nationalist Movement, State-Led Movement for Economic Empowerment. For Mains: Evolution of Women's...

    13 Mar 2023 Social Empowerment

  • Social Protection for Children: ILO-UNICEF

    Prelims: Social Protection for Children, ILO, UNICEF, Covid-19, Poverty, SDG, PM CARES for Children. Mains: Social Protection for Children:...

    06 Mar 2023 Social Empowerment

  • Menstrual Leaves

    For Prelims: Public Interest Litigation, Right of Women to Menstrual Leave and Free Access to Menstrual Health Products Bill, 2022. For Mains:...

    27 Feb 2023 Social Empowerment

  • Special Marriage Act, 1954

    For Prelims: Special Marriage Act 1954, UK’s Marriage Act of 1949, Inheritance rights, Muslim Marriage Act, 1954, Hindu Marriage Act...

    18 Feb 2023 Social Empowerment

  • Women in STEM


    11 Feb 2023 Social Empowerment

  • Armed Forces and Adultery

    Prelims: Adultery, Section 497 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). Mains: Armed Forces and Adultery. Why in News? Recently, the Supreme Court has...

    02 Feb 2023 Social Empowerment

  • Women Get Command Roles in The Indian Army

    For Prelims: Gender Equality, Indian Army, Inclusivity. For Mains: Significance of roles of women in the army as per society and national security...

    24 Jan 2023 Social Empowerment

  • Prison Reforms

    For Prelims: 57th All-India Conference of Director Generals/ Inspector Generals of Police, National Data Governance Framework, Criminal Justice...

    23 Jan 2023 Social Empowerment

  • Democratic Vision of Ambedkar

    For Prelims: Ambedkar, Buddha, Kabir and Mahatma Phule For Mains: Democratic Vision of Ambedkar Why in News? Several studies have examined Dr...

    23 Dec 2022 Social Empowerment

  • DISHA Scheme

    Why in News? Recently, the Minister of Law and Justice has informed Lok Sabha that “Designing Innovative Solutions for Holistic Access to...

    19 Dec 2022 Social Empowerment

  • Perspective: Legalising Same-Sex Marriage

    For Prelims: Special Marriage Act, 1954, LGBTQ+ community For Mains: Issues Regarding Transgenders and Same-sex Marriage, Special Marriage Act,...

    14 Dec 2022 Social Empowerment

  • Poor State of Undertrials

    Prelims: Supreme Court, Lok Adalat, Law Commission, NCRB, Prison Reforms. Mains: Poor State of Undertrials and Prison Reforms. Why in...

    13 Dec 2022 Social Empowerment

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