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Markandeshwar Temple

  • 17 Jul 2019
  • 2 min read

The Archaeological Survey of India is taking up the restoration work of Markandeshwar temple in Maharashtra.

  • Markandeshwar temple is situated on the bank of River Wainganga in district Gadchiroli of Maharashtra.
  • It is also known as the “Khajuraho of Vidarbha”.
  • Markandeshwar temple belongs to the Nagara group of temples of North India.
  • The Nagara temples belong to Saiva, Vaishnava and Sakta faith.
  • Most of the temples have a simple plan, with ardhamandapa, mandapa, antarala and garbhagriha forming the component of the entire set up.

Key Terms

  • Ardhamandapa: In Hindu temple architecture, Ardhamandapa is an entrance porch that forms a transitional area between the outside world and the mandapa or hall of the temple.
  • Mandapa: It is a porch-like structure through the gopuram leading to the temple. It is used for religious dancing and music and is part of the basic temple compound.
    • Gopuram is a monumental entrance tower, usually ornate, at the entrance of a Hindu temple, in the Dravidian architecture.
    • Antarala is a transition area between the Garbhagriha and the temple's main hall (mandapa).
  • Garbhagriha: It is the sanctum sanctorum, the innermost sanctum of a Hindu temple where resides the murti (idol or icon) of the primary deity of the temple.
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