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Machchhu River

  • 02 Nov 2022
  • 3 min read

Why in News?

Recently, a suspension bridge collapsed over the river Machchu, in Gujarat’s Morbi district, which killed almost 135 people.

  • The suspension bridge, or Jhulta Pul, was built by the ruler of the princely state of Morbi, Sir Waghji Thakor, in 1877.
  • It was made to reflect the 'progressive and scientific nature of the rulers of Morbi'. It was inaugurated by the then-Bombay governor, Richard Temple, in 1879.

What is Suspension Bridge?

  • A suspension bridge is a type of bridge in which the deck is hung below suspension cables on vertical suspenders.
  • The basic structural components include stiffening girders, two or more main suspension cables, and towers and anchorages for cables at either end of the bridge.
  • The main cables are suspended between the towers and are connected to the anchorage or the bridge itself. The vertical suspenders carry the weight of the deck and the commuter load on it.
  • The design ensures that the load on the suspension cables is transferred to the towers at the two ends, which transfer them further by vertical compression to the ground by way of the anchorage cables.

What is Machchhu River?

  • About: The Machchhu river originates from Madla hills in the Surendranagar district of Gujarat and ends 141.75 km downstream in the Rann of Kutch.
  • Tributaries: Beti, Asoi, Jamburi, Benia, Machchhori, Maha are the tributaries of Machchhu river.
  • Dams: It has two dams to augment irrigation to alleviate droughts in Saurashtra.

What is the Significance of Morbi District?

  • It is famous for its ceramic industry. Around 70% of India’s ceramics are produced in Morbi, and ceramic tiles manufactured here are exported to countries in the Middle East, East Asia, and Africa.

UPSC Civil Services Examination Previous Year Question:

Q. Consider the following rivers: (2021)

  1. Brahmani
  2. Nagavali
  3. Subarnarekha
  4. Vamsadhara

Which of the above rise from the Eastern Ghats?

(a) 1 and 2
(b) 2 and 4
(c) 3 and 4
(d) 1 and 3
Ans: B

  • The Brahmani river, also known as South Koel, rises near Nagri village in Ranchi district of Jharkhand.Hence, 1 is not correct.
  • The Nagavali river originates in the Eastern Ghats near Lakhbahal, located in thecKalahandi district of Odisha. Langulya is another name for Nagavali River. Hence, 2 is correct.
  • Subarnarekha river originates in the Chota Nagpur Plateau near Nagri village in Ranchi district of Jharkhand. Hence, 3 is not correct.
  • Vamsadhara river rises in the Eastern Ghats of Orissa and enters Srikakulam district in Bhamini Mandal and finally falls into the Bay of Bengal near Kalingapatnam. Hence, 4 is correct.Therefore, option (b) is the correct answer.


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