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  • Africa's Rift Valley and the Creation of a New Ocean Basin

    For Prelims: Red Sea, Rift Valley, Nubian African Plate, Arabian Plate, Gulf of Aden. For Mains: Tectonic Plates, Factors Responsible for...

    17 Mar 2023 Physical Geography

  • Glacial Retreat

    For Prelims: Glacial Retreat, Floods, Landslide, Pensilungpa Glacier (PG), Durung-Drung Glacier (DDG). For Mains: Factors Influence Glacial...

    10 Mar 2023 Physical Geography

  • India’s Earthquake Preparedness

    For Prelims: Turkey Syria Earthquake, Richter Scale, Himalayan Plate, Tectonic Plates. For Mains: Causes of Earthquake, Earthquakes In/Around...

    13 Feb 2023 Physical Geography

  • Earthquakes in Turkey and Causes

    Prelims: Tectonic Plates, Types of Earthquakes, Earthquake, its Distribution and Types, Strike-Slip Earthquake. Mains: Earthquake, its types and...

    07 Feb 2023 Physical Geography

  • Atmosphere and Its Layers


    04 Feb 2023 Physical Geography

  • Grasslands of the World


    30 Jan 2023 Physical Geography

  • Manufactured Sand

    For Prelims: Coal India Limited (CIL), Manufactured Sand, Opencast Coal Mining, Minor mineral, The Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulations)...

    28 Jan 2023 Physical Geography

  • Deserts in the World


    25 Jan 2023 Physical Geography

  • Mountain Ranges in World


    19 Jan 2023 Physical Geography

  • Deep-Water Circulation

    For Prelims: Deep-water Circulation, Central American Seaway, Antarctic Bottom Water (AABW), Ocean Current, Indian Ocean, Iron-manganese crusts,...

    16 Jan 2023 Physical Geography

  • Heat Dome

    For Prelims: Heat Dome, Jet Stream, Climate Change For Mains: Important Geophysical Phenomena Why in News? Several countries in Europe...

    05 Jan 2023 Physical Geography

  • SAIME Initiative

    Why in News? In Sundarbans, a new shrimp farming initiative offers hope for mangrove restoration. What is the SAIME Initiative? Under...

    02 Jan 2023 Physical Geography

  • Bomb Cyclone

    Why in News? Recently, a Bomb cyclone hit the United States and Canada, which triggered road accidents that results in the death of more than 30...

    27 Dec 2022 Physical Geography

  • Types of Soil in India


    13 Dec 2022 Physical Geography

  • Western Disturbances

    For Prelims: Western Disturbances, Caspian Sea, Mediterranean Sea, India Meteorological Department, Flash Floods, landslides, Cold Wave For Mains:...

    13 Dec 2022 Physical Geography

  • Tectonic Plates


    10 Dec 2022 Physical Geography

  • Cyclone Mandous

    For Prelims: Cyclone Mandous, Types of Cyclones, Nomenclature of Cyclone For Mains: Types of Cyclones, Nomenclature of Cyclone Why in...

    07 Dec 2022 Physical Geography

  • Ring of Fire


    06 Dec 2022 Physical Geography

  • Coastal Red Sand Dunes

    For Prelims: Erra Matti Dibbalu, Geologic Time Scale, Quaternary Period, Geologic Time Scale. For Mains: Significance of studying Coastal Red Sand...

    03 Dec 2022 Physical Geography

  • Fujiwhara Effect

    Why in News? With typhoon Hinnamnor and another tropical storm called Gardo, meteorologists observed a phenomenon called the Fujiwhara...

    30 Nov 2022 Physical Geography

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