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  • Climatic Regions of World: Part-I

    About Climate is the average weather conditions in a place over a long period of time—30 years or more. And as you probably already know,...

    28 Jan 2022 Physical Geography

  • Unusually Colder and Wetter Winter

    For Prelims: Western Disturbances, La Nina. For Mains: Weather Patterns such as La Nina and their impact on India’s weather. Why in...

    28 Jan 2022 Physical Geography

  • Pacific Ring of Fire

    For Prelims: Pacific Ring of Fire, Volcano, Earthquakes, Tectonic Plates, Subduction. For Mains: Features and Causes of Frequent Earthquakes in...

    20 Jan 2022 Physical Geography

  • Volcanic Eruption in Tonga

    Why in News Recently, a volcano erupted in the southern Pacific Island of Tonga, which triggered Tsunami waves around the Pacific. The Tonga...

    17 Jan 2022 Physical Geography

  • Western Ghats

    Introduction The Western Ghats, also known as the Sahyadri Hills, are well known for their rich and unique assemblage of flora and fauna. The...

    08 Jan 2022 Physical Geography

  • Chile Rewrites Its Constitution

    For Prelims: Lithium Ion Battery, India-Chile Relations, Location and geographical features of Chile. For Mains: Climate Challenges posed by...

    31 Dec 2021 Physical Geography

  • Earthquake

    Why in News Recently, a shallow and strong earthquake of magnitude 6.1 struck the Myanmar-India border region early. Key...

    26 Nov 2021 Physical Geography

  • ACROSS Scheme

    Why in News The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs approved the continuation of Atmosphere & Climate Research-Modelling Observing Systems...

    25 Nov 2021 Physical Geography

  • Weather Forecasting

    Why in News Recently, 21 trekkers died at the Lamkhaga Pass trek in four mountaineering and trekking expeditions which once again puts the spotlight...

    16 Nov 2021 Physical Geography

  • Emergence of Earliest Continental Landmass

    Why in News A new study has suggested that the earliest continental landmass emerged 3.2 billion year ago instead of 2.5 billion years ago (as per...

    13 Nov 2021 Physical Geography

  • Ganga Utsav 2021-The River Festival

    Why in News Recently, the 5th edition of Ganga Utsav-The River Festival 2021 has begun which celebrates the glory of the National river...

    02 Nov 2021 Physical Geography

  • Widespread Northeast Monsoon: IMD

    Why in News According to the India Meteorological Department (IMD), the northeast monsoon, which makes up for most of Tamil Nadu's annual rainfall,...

    27 Oct 2021 Physical Geography

  • Double-Dip La Niña

    Why in News Recently, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA, an American scientific agency) has declared that La Niña has...

    21 Oct 2021 Physical Geography

  • Disappearing African Rare Glaciers

    Why in News Recently, a report from the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) stated that Africa's rare glaciers will disappear in the next two...

    20 Oct 2021 Physical Geography

  • A Spatial Shift of Heatwaves in India

    Why in News Recently, a study has found a spatial shift of heatwaves in India, now occurring in new regions in the country. It also added that...

    12 Oct 2021 Physical Geography

  • La Palma Island: Spain

    Why in News Recently, the Cumbre Vieja volcano in La Palma, one of Spain's Canary Islands, erupted. Key Points About: The Cumbre Vieja...

    22 Sep 2021 Physical Geography

  • Drainage Patterns and Drainage Systems of India

    Drainage: The flow of water through well-defined channels is known as ‘drainage’ and the network of such channels is called a...

    14 Sep 2021 Physical Geography

  • Changing Rainfall Pattern in North East India

    Why in News Recently, an analysis showed a changing rainfall pattern in North East (NE) India because of Climate Change. The National Action Plan...

    13 Sep 2021 Physical Geography

  • World’s Northernmost Island

    Why in News A new island has been discovered that is located off the Greenland’s coast. Key Points Measuring 60×30 metres and with...

    10 Sep 2021 Physical Geography

  • Impact of Climate Change on El Nino and La Nina

    Why in News According to recent research, climate change can cause extreme and more frequent El Niño and La Niña events. The...

    06 Sep 2021 Physical Geography

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