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Flower Scorpionfish

  • 14 Oct 2021
  • 2 min read

Why in News

Recently, a fish species named Flower Scorpionfish (Hoplosebastes Armatus) which was only found in the Pacific Ocean has been discovered in the Indian Ocean.

  • The rise in the temperature of sea water due to global warming might have induced the migration of this species from different regions.

Key Points 

  • About
    • It belongs to the order of ray-finned fish that are also known as Scorpaeniforme.
      • It was discovered in the Pacific Ocean off Japan almost a century ago in 1929.
    • Fish of the scorpionfish family are some of the most poisonous animals in the ocean
    • The head of the species is comparatively large and greater than the body.
    • The length of the species ranged from 75-127 mm, while its body width was from 14-22 mm.
    • Scorpionfish blend in perfectly with their coral and rocky surroundings because of their mottled color patterns.
  • Habitat
    • Earlier, they were only found in the Pacific Ocean. However, its range now extends from the Northwest Pacific to the Indian Ocean
  • Scorpaeniformes
    • Also called mail-cheeked fish, any one of a group of bony fishes that are characterized by a plate of bone running across each cheek.
    • They are widespread throughout the oceans of the world.
    • They are believed to have originated in warm marine waters but have invaded temperate and even Arctic and Antarctic seas, as well as fresh waters of the Northern Hemisphere.

Source: DTE

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