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  • Kilauea Volcano: Hawaii

    Why in News Recently, a surge of earthquakes and the ground swelling at the southern part of the crater was noticed at Hawaii’s Kilauea...

    31 Aug 2021 Volcanoes

  • Taal Volcano: Philippines

    Why in News Recently, the Philippines increased the alert level on Taal Volcano to level 3 on a five-level scale after a Phreatomagmatic Eruption...

    02 Jul 2021 Volcanoes

  • Sulphur Dioxide Emissions from Caribbean Volcano

    Why in News The Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) emissions from a volcanic eruption in the Caribbean (La Soufriere Volcano) have reached India, sparking fear...

    20 Apr 2021 Volcanoes

  • Sangay Volcano: Ecuador

    Why in News Recently, Ecuador’s Sangay volcano erupted. Key Points About Sangay Volcano: Sangay volcano is one of the highest active...

    13 Mar 2021 Volcanoes

  • Indonesia’s Mt. Sinabung

    Why in News Recently, Mt. Sinabung, an active volcano on Indonesia’s Sumatra island has erupted. Earlier, other volcanoes of Indonesia-...

    12 Mar 2021 Volcanoes

  • Pacific Ring of Fire

    The Ring of Fire, also referred to as the Circum-Pacific Belt, is a path along the Pacific Ocean characterized by active volcanoes and frequent...

    08 Feb 2021 Volcanoes

  • Tectonic Plates

    Tectonic Plates A tectonic plate (also called lithospheric plate) is a massive, irregularly-shaped slab of solid rock, generally composed of both...

    01 Feb 2021 Volcanoes

  • Semeru Volcano of Indonesia

    Why in News Recently, Semeru volcano erupted in Indonesia’s East Java province. Other volcanoes, such as the Merapi volcano (Java) and...

    18 Jan 2021 Volcanoes

  • Kilauea Volcano: Hawaii

    Why in News Recently, Kilauea volcano in Hawaii’s Big Island erupted which was followed by an earthquake of magnitude 4.4. Key...

    23 Dec 2020 Volcanoes

  • Mount Kilimanjaro

    Why in News Recently, a fire that has broken out on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa. The cause of the fire is not...

    13 Oct 2020 Volcanoes

  • Indonesia’s Mt. Sinabung Erupted

    Why in News Recently, Mt. Sinabung, an active volcano on Indonesia’s Sumatra island has erupted. Mount Sinabung is located in Karo regency,...

    12 Aug 2020 Volcanoes

  • Mt. Merapi of Indonesia

    Why in News Mount Merapi, an active volcano in Indonesia, erupted twice on 21st June, 2020. Key Points Mt Merapi: Merapi (Mountain of Fire)...

    23 Jun 2020 Volcanoes

  • Earth’s Mantle and Evolution of Life

    Why in News According to a study published in the journal ‘Nature Communications’, an evolution of the Mantle of the Earth could have...

    18 Jun 2020 Volcanoes

  • Taal Volcano

    Why in News A volcano called Taal on the island of Luzon, 50 km from Manila, Philippines erupted on 12th January, 2020. Compound Volcano: Taal is...

    15 Jan 2020 Volcanoes

  • Eruption on Mount Etna

    Recently, Mount Etna in Sicily (Italy) has erupted. It spewed a plume of ash and lava as two fractures opened at the base of its crater (a...

    29 Jul 2019 Volcanoes

  • Mount Sinabung

    Mount Sinabung, which has seen a spike in activity since 2010, erupted for around nine minutes on 9th June, 2019 , sending clouds of volcanic ash 7...

    11 Jun 2019 Volcanoes

  • Indonesia Tsunami

    A tsunami killed more than 200 people and injured hundreds on the Indonesian islands of Java and Sumatra following an underwater landslide believed...

    24 Dec 2018 Volcanoes

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