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  • India to Contribute 15% of Global Growth in 2023: IMF

    For Prelims: International Monetary Fund,Gross domestic product, Russia- Ukraine War, World Inequality Report 2022, Special economic zones. For...

    23 Feb 2023 Monetary Policy

  • Draft Norms Lending and Borrowing of G-secs

    Prelims: Government Securities Lending Directions, 2023, Repo transactions, Fiscal Deficit, Open Market Operations. Mains: Draft Norms Lending and...

    20 Feb 2023 Monetary Policy

  • Economic Survey 2022-23

    For Prelims: Key points of Economic Survey 2022-23 For Mains: Key points of Economic Survey 2022-23 Why in News? The Union Finance Minister...

    01 Feb 2023 Monetary Policy

  • Promoting De-Dollarization

    This editorial is based on “Contesting the hegemony of the dollar” which was published in The Hindu on 26/01/2023. It talks about the...

    28 Jan 2023 Monetary Policy

  • Depreciation of Indian Rupee

    For Prelims: Depreciation of Indian Rupee, Currency depreciation, inflation, Depreciation Vs Devaluation, Appreciation Vs Depreciation For Mains:...

    02 Jan 2023 Monetary Policy

  • GNPA Ratio

    Why in News? As per the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), the Gross Non-Performing Assets (GNPA) ratio, which declined to a seven-year low of 5% in...

    30 Dec 2022 Monetary Policy

  • Prospect of Indian Economy in 2023

    Prelims: Inflation, War in Ukraine, Oil Prices, Debt Distress. Mains: Prospect of Indian Economy in 2023. Why in News? The Indian economy is...

    28 Dec 2022 Monetary Policy

  • Quantitative Instruments of Monetary Policy


    27 Dec 2022 Monetary Policy

  • Recession and Yield Curve

    For Prelims: Recession, Yield Curve For Mains: Growth & Development Why in News? In many of the world's top economies, including the...

    27 Dec 2022 Monetary Policy

  • State of the Economy Report: RBI

    For Prelims: Inflation, Equity Flow, War in Ukraine, Oil Prices, Base Effect, Debt Distress. For Mains: State of the Economy Report: RBI. Why...

    22 Dec 2022 Monetary Policy

  • RBI’s Monetary Policy Review

    For Prelims: RBI, Monetary Policy Committee (MPC), Instruments of Monetary Policy, Various Policy Stances of RBI For Mains: Monetary Policy,...

    08 Dec 2022 Monetary Policy

  • GDP and GVA

    For Prelims: Gross domestic product, Gross Value Added For Mains: Growth and Development in the Indian Economy. Why in News? Recently, the...

    01 Dec 2022 Monetary Policy

  • Internationalisation of Rupee

    For Prelims: RBI, Internationalisation of Rupee, Monetary Policy For Mains: Internationalisation of Rupee and related issues, Growth &...

    28 Oct 2022 Monetary Policy

  • Report by RBI on Big Techs

    For Prelims: Reserve Bank of India, Big Techs For Mains: Big Techs and associated risks, Indian Economy and issues relating to planning,...

    19 Oct 2022 Monetary Policy

  • Decline in Forex Reserves

    For Prelims: Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Foreign exchange reserves, FPIs, Special Drawing Rights For Mains: Impacts of Low Forex reserves on...

    11 Oct 2022 Monetary Policy

  • Interest Rates on Small Savings Schemes

    Why in News? Recently, the Government of India has hiked interest rates on some of the Small Savings Schemes (2-year and 3-year Time Deposits, Senior...

    30 Sep 2022 Monetary Policy

  • Banking System Liquidity

    For Prelims: RBI, Liquidity Adjustment Facility, Call Money For Mains: Banking System Liquidity surplus and deficit and its Impact Why in...

    24 Sep 2022 Monetary Policy

  • PCA Framework

    For Prelims: RBI, NPA, Financial Stability and Development Council, Scheduled Commercial Banks, Return of Assets. For Mains: Prompt Corrective...

    22 Sep 2022 Monetary Policy

  • India: Nation on a Move

    This editorial is based on “For a stronger economy: We need economic reforms beyond liberalisation” which was published in The Indian...

    08 Sep 2022 Monetary Policy

  • India Became the World’s Fifth-largest Economy

    For Prelims: Gross domestic product (GDP), Per capita GDP, Universal Health Coverage (UHC) Index, Human Development Index. For Mains: Growth and...

    05 Sep 2022 Monetary Policy

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