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  • Global Impact of Land Squeeze

    For Prelims: International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems (IPES-Food), National Land Records Modernization Programme (NLRMP),...

    23 May 2024 Land Reforms

  • India's Economic Trajectory: Challenges & Opportunities

    This editorial is based on “Five things the next government needs to focus on’ which was published in The Indian Express on 16/05/2024....

    16 May 2024 Land Reforms

  • Carbon Farming: A Pathway to Sustainable Agriculture

    This editorial is based on “What is carbon farming?’’ which was published in The Hindu on 07/05/2024. The article brings into the...

    11 May 2024 Land Reforms

  • India’s Falling Farm Exports

    For Prelims: UN Food and Agriculture Organization’s (FAO), Food Price Index (FPI), Russia-Ukraine war, Inflation, Minimum Export Price (MEP),...

    10 Nov 2023 Land Reforms

  • Land Use in India


    03 Oct 2023 Land Reforms

  • The Persistence and Perils of Caste Based Violence in India

    This editorial is based on Caste has no place in a modern democracy which was published in Hindustan Times on 25/07/2023. It talks about the issues...

    28 Jul 2023 Land Reforms

  • Bhoomi Samman 2023

    For Prelims: Digital India Land Records Modernization Programme, Aadhaar Card, Unique Land Parcel Identification Number , Blockchain-based system,...

    21 Jul 2023 Land Reforms

  • River Landforms 


    24 May 2023 Land Reforms

  • Dotted Lands

    For Prelims: Dotted lands, SVAMITVA, PARIVESH, Bhumi Samvaad For Mains: Issues related to land ownership disputes and the concept of dotted lands,...

    23 May 2023 Land Reforms

  • Digitisation of Land Records

    This editorial is based on Digitisation of land records is hugely beneficial which was published in The Hindu Business line on 17/05/2023. It talks...

    18 May 2023 Land Reforms

  • Bhoodan-Gramdan Movement

    For Prelims: Vinoba Bhave, Mahatma Gandhi, Freedom Struggle, Philosophy of non-violence, Self-governance. For Mains: Bhoodan-Gramdan Movement and...

    22 Apr 2023 Land Reforms

  • Caste Based Discrimination

    Prelims: Caste System, Important articles of the Constitution, Related government schemes Mains: Role of caste in society and economy, Status of...

    27 Feb 2023 Land Reforms

  • Caste - A Barrier to Economic Transformation

    This editorial is based on “The role of caste in economic transformation” which was published in The Hindu on 23/06/2022. It talks...

    23 Jun 2022 Land Reforms

  • Conclusive Land Titling

    Why in News Recently, as many States have failed to send in their feedback on a Model Bill on Conclusive Land Titling , the Centre has warned that...

    22 Feb 2021 Land Reforms

  • Land Reforms in India

    Pre Independence Under the British Raj, the farmers did not have the ownership of the lands they cultivated, the landlordship of the land lied...

    14 Dec 2020 Land Reforms

  • Land Revenue Systems in British India

    Land revenue was one of the major sources of income for Britishers in India. There were broadly three types of land revenue policies in existence...

    07 Dec 2020 Land Reforms

  • Transforming Agriculture

    “The article is based on “High powered committee for transformation of agriculture should reform restrictive tenancy laws” that...

    19 Aug 2019 Land Reforms

  • Farmland Fragmentation


    03 Aug 2019 Land Reforms

  • Income Inequality Among Farmers

    A recent survey conducted by NABARD, highlights the high levels of inter-state income inequality among the agricultural household in India. The...

    08 Jul 2019 Land Reforms

  • MSP, Agrarian Crisis and Reform

    Despite agriculture occupying a major portion of Indian economy and the election manifestos of political parties, it is disheartening to see the...

    21 Jul 2018 Land Reforms

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