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  • India Aims to Become Top Global Aviation Market by 2030

    For Prelims: CAPA India Aviation Summit, National Civil Aviation Policy (NCAP) 2016, UDAN Scheme. For Mains: Status of India’s Aviation...

    22 Mar 2023 Industrial Growth

  • Net Neutrality

    For Prelims: Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI), Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), Internet Service Providers. For Mains:...

    20 Mar 2023 Industrial Growth

  • Transforming India’s Logistics System

    This editorial is based on “The ideal track to run India’s logistics system” which was published in the Hindu Business Line on...

    11 Mar 2023 Industrial Growth

  • Social Protection for Children: ILO-UNICEF

    Prelims: Social Protection for Children, ILO, UNICEF, Covid-19, Poverty, SDG, PM CARES for Children. Mains: Social Protection for Children:...

    06 Mar 2023 Industrial Growth

  • E- pharmacy in India

    Why in News? In February 2023, the Ministry of Health issued show cause notices to at least 20 companies, including Tata-1mg, Flipkart, Apollo,...

    02 Mar 2023 Industrial Growth

  • World Bank

    Why in News? Recently, Indian American business executive Ajay Banga was nominated by US President to head the World Bank. If confirmed by the...

    24 Feb 2023 Industrial Growth

  • Plan to Set up 2 lakh PACS, Dairy, and Fisheries Cooperatives

    Prelims: Digitization of PACS, PMMSY, Atmanirbhar Bharat, Cooperatives. Mains: Significance of PACS and the Issues, Government Policies &...

    16 Feb 2023 Industrial Growth

  • 470 Airbus, Boeing Planes for Air India

    For Prelims: National Civil Aviation Policy 2016, UDAN, UDAN 2.0, Airport Authority of India. For Mains: Status of India's Aviation Sector, Recent...

    16 Feb 2023 Industrial Growth

  • Primary Agricultural Credit Societies

    Prelims: Digitization of PACS, DBT, ISS, PMFBY, Atmanirbhar Bharat. Mains: Significance of PACS and the Issues. Why in News? Recently, the...

    10 Feb 2023 Industrial Growth

  • Hyderabad: Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

    For Prelims: World Economic Forum (WEF), Fourth Industrial Revolution, Big data, Cybersecurity, Internet of things (IoT), Xenobots, Pacemaker,...

    18 Jan 2023 Industrial Growth

  • Make in India

    For Prelims: Make in India, Foreign Direct Investment, Ease of Doing Business, Production Linked Incentive (PLI), National Single Window System...

    09 Jan 2023 Industrial Growth

  • Responsible AI For All

    For Prelims: NITI Aayog, AI, Facial Recognition Technology, Right to Privacy, Puttaswamy Judgement, Personal Data Protection Law, Digi Yatra...

    28 Dec 2022 Industrial Growth

  • Amendments to the Co-operative Societies Act

    Prelims: Multistate Cooperatives, Constitution (97th Amendment) Act, 2011, Constitutional Provisions Related to Cooperatives. Mains: Amendments to...

    23 Dec 2022 Industrial Growth

  • Samudrayaan Mission


    22 Dec 2022 Industrial Growth

  • India’s Booming Telecom Sector

    This article is based on “Telecom licensing is about carriage, not content” which was published in Hindu Business Line on 20/12/2022. It...

    21 Dec 2022 Industrial Growth

  • India Development Report: WB

    For Prelims: World Bank, GDP, GVA, Capital Expenditure, Investment, Human Capital Index, World Development Report. For Mains: India Development...

    07 Dec 2022 Industrial Growth

  • Over-the-Top Challenge

    This article is based on “The over-the-top debate ends here” which was published in Financial Express on 01/11/2022. It talks about the...

    04 Nov 2022 Industrial Growth

  • Multi-State Cooperatives

    For Prelims: Multistate Cooperatives, Constitution (97th Amendment) Act, 2011, Constitutional Provisions Related to Cooperatives. For Mains:...

    15 Oct 2022 Industrial Growth

  • LEADS Report 2022

    For Prelims: Logistics Ease Across Different States (LEADS)” survey, Multimodal Transportation of Goods Act, 1993, PM Gati Shakti Scheme,...

    14 Oct 2022 Industrial Growth

  • Telecom Sector: Digital Fabric For India

    This editorial is based on “Letting go of a chance to democratise telecom services” which was published in The Hindu on 01/10/2022. It...

    04 Oct 2022 Industrial Growth

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