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  • Strengthening Guardian Body of Elections

    This editorial is based on “Is Election Commission becoming a victim of judiciary-government crossfire over appointments?” which was...

    29 Nov 2022 Indian Polity

  • Time for Transformative Judicial Revolution

    This article is based upon “A burdened judiciary needs help” which was published in Hindu Business Line on 23/11/2022. It talks about...

    26 Nov 2022 Indian Polity

  • Constitution Day

    For Prelims: Constitution of India, Constitution Day, Government of India Act 1935 For Mains: Drafting of the Indian Constitution, Key Features of...

    26 Nov 2022 Indian Polity

  • Assam-Meghalaya Border Dispute

    For Prelims: Assam-Meghalaya Border Dispute, Article 263 of the Constitution For Mains: Interstate-border Disputes and Related Issues Why in...

    24 Nov 2022 Indian Polity

  • Election Commission of India

    For Prelims: Election Commission of India, Supreme Court For Mains: Election Commission of India and its functions Why in News? In a recent...

    23 Nov 2022 Indian Polity

  • Operation of Quasi-judicial Courts

    For Prelims: Quasi-judicial Bodies in India For Mains: Quasi-judicial Bodies in India, Role of Quasi-Judicial Bodies & Measures for Better...

    22 Nov 2022 Indian Polity

  • Religious Conversion

    For Prelims: States that have passed anti conversion laws, Constitutional provisions on freedom of religion, Article 21 of the Constitution,...

    16 Nov 2022 Indian Polity

  • Ninth Schedule

    For Prelims: Reservation, Supreme Court, Constitution (First Amendment) Act, 1951. For Mains: Ninth Schedule of the Constitution. Why in...

    15 Nov 2022 Indian Polity

  • All Employees Can opt for PF Pensions Scheme

    For Prelims: Employees’ Pension (Amendment) Scheme, 2014, EPFO, Supreme Court. For mains: Supreme Court on PF Pension Scheme and its...

    09 Nov 2022 Indian Polity

  • Governor’s Role in the Universities

    For Prelims: Tamil Nadu Bill on Vice Chancellor in Universities, Role of Governor in appointment of Governor in State Universitates For Mains:...

    09 Nov 2022 Indian Polity

  • Supreme Court upholds EWS Quota

    For Prelims: Reservation, Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Classes, affirmative action, Basic Structure Doctrine For Mains:...

    08 Nov 2022 Indian Polity

  • Gender Equity and Uniform Civil Code

    This article is based on “The Uniform Civil Code ” which was published in The Hindu on 07/11/2022. It talks about the constitutionality...

    07 Nov 2022 Indian Polity

  • Collegium System

    For Prelims: Collegium System, Chief Justice of India. For Mains: Evolution of the Collegium System and its Criticism. Why in News? Recently,...

    07 Nov 2022 Indian Polity

  • Removal of Governor

    For Prelims: Constitutional Provisions Related to Removal of Governor For Mains: Friction Points in Governor-State Relations, Removal of Governors...

    07 Nov 2022 Indian Polity

  • Criminalisation of Politics

    For Prelims: Representation of People's Act, Criminalization of Politics. For Mains: Reasons, effects and solutions to Criminalization of...

    04 Nov 2022 Indian Polity

  • Voting Rights for Under trial Prisoners

    For Prelims: Provisions related to Prisoners’ right to Vote, NCRB, Article 14 (right to equality). For Mains: Voting Rights for Under trial...

    03 Nov 2022 Indian Polity

  • First Amendment to the Indian Constitution

    For Prelims: Right to Freedom of Speech, Article 19, National Security, PIL, Supreme Court, Sedition. For Mains: First Amendment to the Indian...

    31 Oct 2022 Indian Polity

  • Roles and Powers of Governor

    For Prelims: Constitutional Provisions Related to Governor For Mains: Friction Points in Governor-State Relations Why in News? Recently,...

    31 Oct 2022 Indian Polity

  • Office of Profit

    For Prelims: Office of Profit, Election Commission, Representation of the People Act, Supreme Court, Article 102 (1), Article 191 (1), Article 164...

    29 Oct 2022 Indian Polity

  • Prevention of Money Laundering Act

    For Prelims: Fugitive Economic Offenders Act, 2018 FEOA, Conservation of Foreign Exchange and Prevention of Smuggling Activities Act, 1974...

    22 Oct 2022 Indian Polity

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