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  • Healthcare Sector in India

    For Prelims: Government Policies & Interventions, Healthcare Sector in India and related Initiatives. For Mains: Healthcare Sector in India,...

    08 Sep 2022 Government Budgeting

  • Military Spending of the Countries

    For Prelims: Highlights of the Report For Mains: Need for Military Spending and associated Concerns Why in News? According to the latest data...

    26 Apr 2022 Government Budgeting

  • RAMP Scheme for MSMEs

    For Prelims: RAMP Scheme, KV Kamath Committee, PMEAC, Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MoMSME) For Mains: Importance of MSME in...

    01 Apr 2022 Government Budgeting

  • Supplementary Demand for Grants

    For Prelims: Appropriation act, Article 115 and 116, Public Accounts Committee of Parliament, Different type of Grants. For Mains: Supplementary...

    17 Mar 2022 Government Budgeting

  • First Gati Shakti Cargo Terminal

    For Prelims: PM Gati Shakti Scheme, National Infrastructure Pipeline. For Mains: Mobilisation of Resources, Government Budgeting, Fiscal Policy,...

    15 Mar 2022 Government Budgeting

  • Need to Boost Labour Income and Consumption Expenditure

    For Prelims: Important macroeconomic indicators of the Indian economy, Government Budgeting. For Mains: Fiscal Consolidation Approach in the...

    08 Feb 2022 Government Budgeting

  • Budget 2022-23: Indirect Taxes

    For Prelims: Indirect Taxes, Budget, GST, Special Economic Zones, Make in India. For Mains: Trustworthy tax regime. Why in News The Union...

    03 Feb 2022 Government Budgeting

  • Budget 2022-23: Direct Taxes

    For Prelims: Terms, Programs and Schemes related to Direct Tax, Changes made by the Government. For Mains: Growth & Development, Planning,...

    03 Feb 2022 Government Budgeting

  • Budget 2022-23 Highlights: Financing of Investments

    For Prelims: Budget 2022-23 highlights, Green Bonds, Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT City). For Mains: Budget 2022-23, Central Bank...

    02 Feb 2022 Government Budgeting

  • Budget 2022-23

    For Prelims: Budget and Constitutional Provisions, Initiatives Mentioned in the Budget such as PM GatiShakti, One Station One Product concept,...

    02 Feb 2022 Government Budgeting

  • Budget 2022-23: Inclusive Development

    For Prelims: Budget 2022, Inclusive Development, Agriculture, Food Processing, Interlinking of Rivers, Digital Payments, MSME, Skill Development...

    02 Feb 2022 Government Budgeting

  • Budget 2022-23: Productivity Enhancement & Investment, Sunrise Opportunities, Energy Transition, and Climate Action

    For Prelims: Constitutional Provisions related to Budget, Different Government Intervntions such as C-PACE, AVGC, etc. For Mains: Proposals for...

    02 Feb 2022 Government Budgeting

  • Budget 2022-23: PM GatiShakti

    For Prelims: Constitutional Provisions related to Budget, PM GatiShakti, its features and components. For Mains: Significance of PM GatiShakti...

    02 Feb 2022 Government Budgeting

  • Formulation of the Budget

    For Prelims: Budget and related constitutional provisions. For Mains: Components of the Budget, objectives of budget and its impact on economy,...

    31 Jan 2022 Government Budgeting

  • Perspective - Boosting for Health Infra

    For Prelims: Indian Polity and Governance, Economic and Social Development, Social Sector Initiatives, Fit India Movement, Eat Right Campaign,...

    29 Jan 2022 Government Budgeting

  • Budget and Education

    This editorial is based on “Budgeting For The Education Emergency” which was published in The Hindu on 24/01/2022. It talks about the...

    25 Jan 2022 Government Budgeting

  • Healthcare System and Expenditure in India

    This editorial is based on “Health Account Numbers that Require Closer Scrutiny” which was published in The Hindu. It talks about the...

    11 Dec 2021 Government Budgeting

  • NHA Report on Health Expenditure

    Why in News Recently, National Health Accounts (NHA) reported that the government has increased the expenditure on health, making the decline of...

    01 Dec 2021 Government Budgeting

  • Swachh Survekshan 2021

    Why in News Recently, the President awarded the respective cities in the 6th Edition of Swachh Survekshan (SS) 2021 for their performance in...

    23 Nov 2021 Government Budgeting

  • PM Gati Shakti Scheme

    Why in News Recently, the government of India has launched the ambitious Gati Shakti scheme or National Master Plan for multi-modal connectivity...

    14 Oct 2021 Government Budgeting

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