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  • Navigating India's Economic Development

    This editorial is based on “Reset the Growth Priority ” which was published in Indian Express on 04/01/2024. The article discusses the...

    04 Jan 2024 Government Budgeting

  • Inflation in India: Demand vs. Supply

    For Prelims: Inflation, Consumer Price Index (CPI), Headline Inflation, COVID-19, Russia-Ukraine Conflict, Pandemic, Lockdowns, Consumer Price...

    03 Jan 2024 Government Budgeting

  • Three New Sub-schemes under RAMP

    Source: PIB Why in News? Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MoMSME) has launched three sub-schemes under the RAMP programme, aimed at...

    21 Dec 2023 Government Budgeting

  • Inflation

    For Prelims: Retail Inflation, Reserve Bank of India, Monetary Policy, Gross Domestic Product (GDP), International Monetary Fund, Monetary Policy...

    30 Nov 2023 Government Budgeting

  • The Indian Railways’ Revenue Problems

    For Prelims: Indian Railways (IR), Capital Expenditure (capex), Gross Budgetary Support (GBS), Extra Budgetary Resources (EBS), Comptroller and...

    03 Nov 2023 Government Budgeting

  • Minimum Wage Policy and Gig Workers

    For Prelims: Minimum wage, e-Commerce Platforms, Bigbasket, Flipkart, Urban Company, Fair Pay, Fair Conditions, Fair Contracts, Fair Management,...

    01 Nov 2023 Government Budgeting

  • Bidenomics

    For Prelims: European Union (EU), Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Paris Agreement on Climate Change, Trade Deficit, Reaganomics, Trickle-Down Theory,...

    27 Oct 2023 Government Budgeting

  • Medium-Term Expenditure Framework

    For Prelims: Medium-Term Expenditure Framework, Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management (FRBM) Act of 2003, Union Budget, Fiscal Deficit. For...

    09 Aug 2023 Government Budgeting

  • Overview of Indian Nursing Colleges

    For Prelims: Nurse to Population Ratio, National Health Profile, Gender Index, World Health Organization, Disparities Among Indian States in Health...

    20 Jul 2023 Government Budgeting

  • India Mobile Congress 2023

    For Prelims: India Mobile Congress (IMC), Atma Nirbhar Bharat initiative, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence For Mains: Significance of India...

    15 Jul 2023 Government Budgeting

  • Fiscal Health of the States

    This editorial is based on A macro view of the fiscal health of States which was published in The Hindu on 05/07/2023. It talks about the fiscal...

    05 Jul 2023 Government Budgeting

  • Reforming Multilateral Development Banks

    This editorial is based on Transforming the Banks which was published in The Indian Express on 27/06/2023. It talks about multilateral development...

    28 Jun 2023 Government Budgeting

  • Harmonized Guidelines and Space Standards for Universal Accessibility in India

    Why in News? Harmonised Guidelines and Space Standards for Universal Accessibility in India-2021 prepared by the Ministry of Housing and Urban...

    16 Jun 2023 Government Budgeting

  • US Debt Ceiling Crisis

    For Prelims: US Debt Ceiling Crisis, Constitution's 14th Amendment, Credit rating, Forex. For Mains: Fiscal deficit and its management by Indian...

    26 May 2023 Government Budgeting

  • National Health Accounts Estimates

    For Prelims: Out-of-Pocket Expenditure, WHO, Universal Health Coverage. For Mains: National Health Accounts Estimates. Why in News? Recently,...

    02 May 2023 Government Budgeting

  • IMF and World Bank Group's Spring Meetings 2023

    For Prelims: International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank Group (WBG), Group of Twenty (G20) , Debt Restructuring, Vulnerable Twenty Group of...

    25 Apr 2023 Government Budgeting

  • World Bank Forecasts India's Economic Growth Rate

    Why in News? The World Bank has released a report titled "South Asia Economic Focus: Expanding Opportunities: Toward Inclusive Growth," which...

    06 Apr 2023 Government Budgeting

  • India’s Arms Imports: SIPRI

    Prelims: India’s Arms Imports, Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, Russia-Ukraine War, Indigenization of Technology. Mains:...

    14 Mar 2023 Government Budgeting

  • World Bank to Lend USD 1 Billion to India’s Health Sector

    For Prelims: Pradhan Mantri-Ayushman Bharat Health Infrastructure Mission, National Health Profile, WHO recommendation, National Health Mission,...

    04 Mar 2023 Government Budgeting

  • World Bank

    Why in News? Recently, Indian American business executive Ajay Banga was nominated by US President to head the World Bank. If confirmed by the...

    24 Feb 2023 Government Budgeting

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