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  • US Debt Ceiling Crisis

    For Prelims: US Debt Ceiling Crisis, Constitution's 14th Amendment, Credit rating, Forex. For Mains: Fiscal deficit and its management by Indian...

    26 May 2023 Economy

  • London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR)

    For Prelims: London Interbank Offered Rate, Mumbai Interbank Forward Outright Rate (MIFOR), RBI, Interest Rate, Repo Rate, ARR, SOFR,...

    25 May 2023 Economy

  • Globalising the Indian Rupee

    This editorial is based on“Perils of Trading Globally in Re”which was published in The Hindu Business Line on 07/05/2023. It talks...

    09 May 2023 Economy

  • Need for Digital Upskilling of Workforce

    This editorial is based on “A Digitally Unprepared Workforce” which was published in The Hindu BusinessLine on 02/05/2023. It talks...

    05 May 2023 Economy

  • India and EFTA states

    This editorial is based on Economic pact between India and EFTA states will further boost trade, investment which was published in The Indian...

    01 May 2023 Economy

  • Common Reporting Standard: OECD

    For Prelims: Common Reporting Standard, OECD, AEIO, G20, Tax Evasion, BEPS. For Mains: Need for Increasing Scope of Common Reporting...

    29 Apr 2023 Economy

  • EU Introduces MiCA for Crypto Regulation

    For Prelims: Crypto Currency, Virtual Digital Assets, Bitcoin For Mains: Regulatory challenges in the cryptocurrency market, Cryptocurrency and...

    25 Apr 2023 Economy

  • India’s Export Capabilities

    For Prelims: Top Exporting District in India, Mega Integrated Textile Region and Apparel (MITRA) Park, Russia-Ukraine War, Industry 4.0...

    19 Apr 2023 Economy

  • WTO Panel Rules Against India

    For Prelims: WTO, European Union, Protectionism, ITA. For Mains: WTO Panel Rules Against India. Why in News? Recently, a World Trade...

    19 Apr 2023 Economy

  • Foreign Trade Policy 2023

    For Prelims: Major components of Foreign Trade Policy 2023, PM-MITRA For Mains: Foreign Trade Policy 2023, Comparison with previous trade...

    03 Apr 2023 Economy

  • Falling Long-Term Growth Prospects

    For Prelims: World Bank, EMDEs, South Asia Region, GDP. For Mains: Falling Long-Term Growth Prospects. Why in News? Recently, the World Bank...

    31 Mar 2023 Economy

  • Startups in Emerging Technology

    For Prelims: Startup India Initiative, DPIIT, Credit Guarantee Scheme for Startups (CGSS), National Startup Advisory Council, Startup India Seed...

    31 Mar 2023 Economy

  • India’s Farm Exports

    Prelims: APEDA, Rice and Sugar, Agri Export Policy, TIES. Mains: India’s Farm Exports and Imports. Why in News? The agriculture sector...

    14 Feb 2023 Economy

  • Green Energy and Jobs

    Prelims: Renewable Energy, Solar Energy, Decentralized Renewable Energy. Mains: Green Energy and Jobs. Why in News? According to a news study,...

    11 Feb 2023 Economy

  • World Economic Outlook: IMF

    Prelims: World Economic Outlook, IMF, Global Financial Stability Report, World Economic Outlook. Mains: Important International Institutions,...

    02 Feb 2023 Economy

  • Cryptocurrency

    For Prelims: Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Technology, Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). For Mains: Impact of cryptocurrency on Indian...

    01 Feb 2023 Economy

  • Recent Wave of Tech Layoffs

    Prelims: Global Layoffs, Economic Recession, GDP, Employment, Russia-Ukraine Conflict, Covid-19. Mains: Impact of Global Layoffs on India. Why...

    31 Jan 2023 Economy

  • World Economic Situation and Prospects 2023

    Prelims: GDP, SDG, War in Ukraine, Covid, Inflation. Mains: World Economic Situation and Prospects. Why in News? Recently, the United Nations...

    30 Jan 2023 Economy

  • Promoting Circular Economy

    This editorial is based on “Circular Economy – Is India Ready to Come Full Circle in Sustainability?” which was published in The...

    03 Jan 2023 Economy

  • Realignment Towards FTAs

    This editorial is based on “India’s FTA imperative” which was published in Financial Express on 28/12/2022. It talks about...

    30 Dec 2022 Economy

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