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  • International MSMEs Day

    For Prelims: MSME, MSME Day and Significance, Efforts to Promote MSMEs For Mains: Significance of MSME for Indian Economy Why in...

    29 Jun 2022 Economy

  • WTO’s Appellate Body

    For Prelims: World Trade Organization, WTO’s Appelate Body, Anti-dumping Duties For Mains: Issues with the WTO’s appellate Body and...

    27 Jun 2022 Economy

  • World Competitiveness Index 2022

    For Prelims: World competitiveness Index, Atma Nirbhar Bharat, COP-26 For Mains: Growth and Development, Inclusive Growth Why in...

    17 Jun 2022 Economy

  • Sustainable Fashion

    For Prelims: Slow Environment Movement, United nations Sustainable development Goals (SDG) For Mains: Need of sustainable fashion for a healthy...

    10 Jun 2022 Economy

  • Stagflation

    For Prelims: Stagflation, Inflation, Recession For Mains: Concerns Related to Stagflation and Way Forward Why in News? Central banks across...

    06 Jun 2022 Economy

  • India to Oppose Moratorium on E-Transmission at WTO

    For Prelims: E-Transmission Moratorium, WTO For Mains: Issues with Moratorium on E-Commerce Why in News? India will oppose the continuation of...

    02 Jun 2022 Economy

  • Economic Impact of School Shutdown during Covid-19

    For Prelims: Gross Domestic Product, Asian Development Bank. For Mains: Impact of Covid-19 on Indian Education System and Economy. Why in...

    28 May 2022 Economy

  • World of Work Report: ILO

    For Prelims: International Labour Organization, Treaty of Versailles, League of Nations. For Mains: Findings and Recommendations of ILO Monitor on...

    25 May 2022 Economy

  • Competition Commission of India (CCI)

    For Prelims: Competition Commission of India(CCI), Competition Act 2002 For Mains: Issues and achievements of Competition Commission of India...

    23 May 2022 Economy

  • Fostering Effective Energy Transition 2022

    For Prelims: World Economic Forum, Energy Transition For Mains: Way forward for smooth energy transition Why in News? Recently, the World...

    21 May 2022 Economy

  • Special Drawing Rights

    For Prelims: Special Drawing Rights, International Monetary Fund For Mains: Important International Institutions Why in News? Recently, the...

    17 May 2022 Economy

  • Cryptocurrency

    For Prelims: Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Blockchain For Mains: Cryptocurrency & Related Issues, Government Policies & Interventions Why in...

    14 May 2022 Economy

  • A Prospective Analysis of Countertrading

    This editorial is based on “Countertrade can Work in Crisis Situations” which was published in The Hindu BusinessLine on 26/04/2022. It...

    26 Apr 2022 Economy

  • Energy Transition and Fiscal Impact

    This editorial is based on “Coping with Fiscal Effects of Energy Transition” which was published in The Hindu BusinessLine on...

    18 Apr 2022 Economy

  • South Asia Economic Focus: World Bank

    For Prelims: World Bank,South Asia Economic Focus, GDP, GVA, High Oil and food Prices. For Mains: Issues Related to Women, South Asia Economic...

    16 Apr 2022 Economy

  • World Food Price Index: FAO

    For Prelims: UN Food and Agriculture Organization and its Initiatives, FAOs Food Price Index. For Mains: Important International Institutions,...

    09 Apr 2022 Economy

  • World Energy Transitions Outlook 2022

    For Prelims: World Energy Transitions Outlook 2022, IRENA, decarbonisation, Paris Agreement, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, renewables,...

    31 Mar 2022 Economy

  • Surge in Oil and Natural Gas Prices

    For Prelims: Natural gas, International Energy Agency, Urals crude, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. For Mains: Surge in Oil...

    21 Mar 2022 Economy

  • The Wave of De-Dollarisation

    This editorial is based on “Why ‘De-Dollarisation’ is Imminent” which was published in Indian Express on 17/03/2022. It...

    17 Mar 2022 Economy

  • Patent Waiver Plan for Vaccines

    For Prelims: World Trade Organisation (WTO) , Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS), Doha Declaration. For Mains: Patent...

    08 Feb 2022 Economy

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