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Typhoon Phanfone

  • 26 Dec 2019
  • 1 min read

Why in News

The Philippines was hit by typhoon Phanfone on 25th December 2019.

  • Typhoon Phanfone is known as Ursula in the local language in the Philippines.
  • It is the second typhoon after typhoon Kammuri which hit the Philippines recently.
  • Phanfone is following a similar path as Super Typhoon Haiyan, which had hit the country in 2013.
    • Typhoon is a region-specific name of the Tropical Cyclone (swirling system of clouds and thunderstorms that originates over tropical or subtropical oceans).
  • The Philippines is the first major landmass facing the Pacific cyclone belt. It is hit by about 20 storms and typhoons each year.

Tropical Cyclone

  • Cyclone is the formation of a very low-pressure system with very high-speed winds revolving around it. Factors like wind speed, wind direction, temperature and humidity contribute to the development of cyclones.
  • Cyclones are called 'Hurricanes' in the North Atlantic and Eastern Pacific, 'Typhoons' in South-East Asia and China and ‘Tropical Cyclones’ in the South-West Pacific and Indian Ocean Region.


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