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River Rejuvenation

  • 13 Apr 2023
  • 4 min read

For Prelims: River Rejuvenation, Kuttamperoor River, Cleaning up riverbeds, Ganga Action Plan.

For Mains: River Rejuvenation.

Why in News?

The 7.2 Km Kuttamperoor River in Alappuzha, Kerala has been rejuvenated after over a 6-year effort through public participation and government intervention.

  • It was dead for more than a decade due to waste dumping, encroachments, and other human activities.
  • It has been rejuvenated through deepening the channel, removing encroachments, constructing bunds on both sides. The revival of the Kuttamperoor river is expected to help control floods in the region.

What is River Rejuvenation and its Impact?

  • About:
    • River rejuvenation is the process of reviving or restoring the natural flow and health of a river that has been damaged due to human activities such as waste dumping, encroachment, and pollution. The process involves removing pollutants, cleaning up riverbeds, and restoring the natural environment around the river.
  • Impacts:
    • It can help to restore the natural habitats of plants and animals, promote biodiversity, and provide cleaner water for drinking and irrigation.
    • Reviving rivers can also boost tourism in the region and improve the livelihoods of people who depend on the river for their livelihoods.
    • Furthermore, river rejuvenation can help to control floods and reduce the damage caused by them. A healthy river can absorb excess water during heavy rains and prevent flooding in downstream areas. This can save lives and property and reduce the economic impact of floods.
  • Initiatives:

What are the Other Examples of River Rejuvenation Project?

  • Rhine River: The Rhine River in Europe was once highly polluted but has since undergone a massive clean-up effort that has transformed it into a vibrant and thriving ecosystem.
  • Singapore River Clean-up: The Singapore River Clean-up is another successful example of a river rejuvenation project. The project involved cleaning up the highly polluted river and transforming it into a major tourist attraction and a hub of cultural and social activities.
  • Thames River Restoration: The Thames River Restoration project in London, UK, has led to the revival of the river's ecology and the creation of new habitats for wildlife.
  • Ganga Action Plan: In India, the Ganga Action Plan is an ongoing project aimed at cleaning up and rejuvenating the highly polluted Ganga River. The project involves a range of interventions, including the construction of sewage treatment plants, the creation of green belts along the riverbanks, and the promotion of eco-friendly activities.

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