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LiDAR Based Research in Tamar Valley

  • 06 Jun 2020
  • 2 min read

Why in News

A U.K.-based team of archeologists has continued its research over the Tamar Valley through LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) despite lockdown due to Covid-19 in the country.

  • LiDAR is commonly used by geologists and surveyors to make high-resolution maps.

Tamar Valley

  • Tamar valley is located in the south of England and is a rich archaeological landscape with many sites belonging to the Iron Age and Roman era.
  • The area is a World Heritage Site due to its historic mining activities.


  • Description:
    • LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is a remote sensing method that uses light in the form of a pulsed laser to measure ranges & variable distances.
    • These light pulses—combined with other data recorded by the airborne system— generate precise, three-dimensional information about the shape of the Earth and its surface characteristics.
    • A LiDAR instrument principally consists of a laser, a scanner, and a specialized GPS receiver.
      • Airplanes and helicopters are the most commonly used platforms for acquiring LiDAR data over broad areas.
  • Applications:
    • LiDAR is used for agriculture, hydrology and water management systems
    • and geology-related applications.
    • It is also used in archaeology.


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