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BRICS National Security Advisers Meet

  • 18 Sep 2020
  • 4 min read

Why in News

Recently, Russia hosted virtual National Security Advisers (NSAs) meet of the Brazil-Russia-India-China-South Africa (BRICS) grouping.

Key Points

  • Draft Anti-terrorism Plan:
    • The group discussed a draft anti-terrorism strategy that is expected to be approved at an upcoming summit.
    • The anti-terrorism plan reflects fundamental aspects of the BRICS states, such as respect for sovereignty and non-interference in internal affairs, adherence to international law and recognition of the United Nation (UN)’s central role in security matters.
  • Other Discussed Issues:
    • Challenges and threats to global, regional and national security.
    • Called for biological security cooperation and information and communications technology security.
      • There was also a proposal to continue work on a system for countering security threats in the sphere of information.
    • The Russian side criticised the deployment of weapons in space by the USA and the use of outer space for military operations.
      • It also expressed concern over the escalation of tensions with the USA in Iran, Venezuela and Syria.
      • It also proposed the creation of new mechanisms in the field of countering epidemiological threats and to conduct expert consultations on biosafety in the BRICS format.
    • The five countries are cooperating within the framework of building a multi-polar system based on justice and equality.
    • They have also agreed to work on deepening coordination at key international organisations and forums, especially the United Nations (UN).


  • BRICS is an acronym for the grouping of the world’s leading emerging economies, namely Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa.
    • In 2001, the British Economist Jim O’Neill coined the term BRIC to describe the four emerging economies of Brazil, Russia, India, and China.
    • The grouping was formalised during the first meeting of BRIC Foreign Ministers’ in 2006.
    • South Africa was invited to join BRIC in December 2010, after which the group adopted the acronym BRICS.
  • The chairmanship of the forum is rotated annually among the members, in accordance with the acronym B-R-I-C-S.
  • During the Sixth BRICS Summit in Fortaleza (Brazil) in 2014, the leaders signed the Agreement establishing the New Development Bank (NDB - Shanghai, China). They also signed the BRICS Contingent Reserve Arrangement to provide short-term liquidity support to the members.

Way Forward

  • Terrorism is a big threat to India. If the draft anti-terrorism strategy is adopted by the BRICS members, it will help India to counter the terrorism. It will also expose the terror sponsored countries.
  • Although the India-China standoff at Ladakh was not discussed at the NSAs meet, BRICS is an important platform where India can engage with China diplomatically.

Source: HT

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