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  • Global Report on Hypertension

    For Prelims: World Health Organization (WHO), Hypertension, India Hypertension Control Initiative Program (IHCI) For Mains: Hypertension and its...

    22 Sep 2023 Social Issues

  • Suicidal Patterns in India

    For Prelims: World Suicide Prevention Day, International Association for Suicide Prevention, National Crime Records Bureau, Mental Healthcare Act...

    18 Sep 2023 Social Issues

  • UWW Suspends of Wrestling Federation of India

    For Prelims: Wrestling Federation of India, United World Wrestling, Wrestling For Mains: Role of the Indian government in ensuring the smooth...

    30 Aug 2023 Social Issues

  • Nutrition's Role in Tuberculosis Prevention

    For Prelims: Tuberculosis, ICMR, Nikshay Poshan Yojna For Mains: Challenges to eliminating TB, India’s progress in eliminating TB Source:...

    21 Aug 2023 Social Issues

  • NMC Registered Medical Practitioner (Professional Conduct) Regulations 2023

    For Prelims: National Medical Commission, Generic Drugs For Mains: National Medical Commission (NMC) in transforming medical education and...

    19 Aug 2023 Social Issues

  • Organized Crime and Georgia RICO Act

    For Prelims: RICO Act, Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act, 1999, Organized Crime For Mains: Challenges in combating organized crime in...

    18 Aug 2023 Social Issues

  • Organ Donation in India

    For Prelims: Transplantation of Human Organs Act, 1994, National Organ Transplantation Guidelines, Organ Donation For Mains: Need for Promoting...

    09 Aug 2023 Social Issues

  • Recurring Communal Violence

    This editorial is based on Clashes will exact a stiff economic cost which was published in The Hindustan Times on 07/08/2023. It talks about...

    08 Aug 2023 Social Issues

  • Women’s Commissions in India

    This editorial is based on Failures of Commission which was published in The Indian Express on 25/07/2023. It talks about the role of National...

    25 Jul 2023 Social Issues

  • World Drowning Prevention Day

    For Prelims: World Drowning Prevention Day For Mains: Drowning vulnerability of children to drowning in India, Effective interventions to prevent...

    24 Jul 2023 Social Issues

  • UNAIDS Report: Progress & Challenges in HIV/AIDS Fight

    For Prelims: World AIDS Day, AIDS, HIV For Mains: Status of AIDS Globally and Nationally, AIDS, HIV, Related Initiatives Source: DTE Why in...

    19 Jul 2023 Social Issues

  • Welfare Schemes and Brain Development

    For Prelims: Hippocampus, Anti-Poverty Policies For Mains: Relationship between poverty and brain development, Importance of investments in social...

    15 Jul 2023 Social Issues

  • Sarpanch-patism

    For Prelims: Supreme Court of India , panchayat system, 73rd Constitutional Amendment Act For Mains: sarpanch-patism and its implications in the...

    11 Jul 2023 Social Issues

  • World Zoonosis Day

    For Prelims: World Zoonosis Day, Zoonotic Diseases, One Health For Mains: One Health Concept and its Significance, Zoonotic Diseases and its...

    08 Jul 2023 Social Issues

  • Rethinking India's Anaemia Policy

    For Prelims: National Family Health Survey (NFHS),WHO,Anaemia Mukt Bharat,Pradhan Mantri Surakshit Matritva Abhiyan (PMSMA) For Mains: Issues...

    05 Jun 2023 Social Issues

  • Addressing the Menstrual Health & Hygiene

    This editorial is based on Menstrual health is a public health issue which was published in The Hindu on 29/05/2023. It talks about the stigma...

    29 May 2023 Social Issues

  • World Menstrual Hygiene Day

    For Prelims: World Menstrual Hygiene Day, Government schemes to promote menstrual hygiene, Menstruation For Mains: Issues Related to Women,...

    29 May 2023 Social Issues

  • Urban Expansion and Development

    This editorial is based on urban governance model of Maharastra which was published in The Indian Express on 05/05/2023. It talks about...

    06 May 2023 Social Issues

  • India's Hunger Paradox

    This editorial is based on India’s hunger paradox which was published in The Indian Express on 02/05/2023. It talks about issues of hunger in...

    02 May 2023 Social Issues

  • PRET & The Big Catch-Up Initiatives

    For Prelims: The Preparedness and Resilience for Emerging Threats (PRET) Initiative, The Big Catch-Up Initiative, World Health Organisation (WHO),...

    28 Apr 2023 Social Issues

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