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  • 7th Annual Meeting of NDB

    Why in News? Recently, the Union Minister of Finance & Corporate Affairs and India’s Governor for the New Development Bank (NDB) chaired...

    23 May 2022 Regional Groupings

  • BIMSTEC from an Ecological Point of View

    This editorial is based on “A Subregional Grouping That Must Get Back On Course” which was published in The Hindu on 29/03/2022. It...

    29 Mar 2022 Regional Groupings

  • 1954 Hague Convention

    For Prelims: United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), “Blue Shield” emblem, 1954 Hague Convention,...

    11 Mar 2022 Regional Groupings

  • Second ASEAN Digital Ministers Meeting

    For Prelims: Location of ASEAN nations, ADGMIN, India-ASEAN Digital Work Plan 2022, ASEAN Regional Forum, East Asia Summit. For Mains: India-ASEAN...

    31 Jan 2022 Regional Groupings

  • Army Rule in Burkina Faso

    For Prelims: Location of Burkina Faso and other West African Countries, United Nation, African Union, ECOWAS, Patriotic Movement for Safeguard and...

    25 Jan 2022 Regional Groupings

  • An Emerging Player in the Indo-Pacific

    This article is based on “The EU’s role in the Indo-Pacific” which was published in The Hindu on 15/11/2021. It talks about the...

    17 Nov 2021 Regional Groupings

  • India and The Rise of Turkism

    This article is based on “Doing Business with Turkey” which was published in the Indian Express on 16/11/2021. It talks about Turkey's...

    16 Nov 2021 Regional Groupings

  • 16th East Asia Summit

    Why in News Recently, the Prime Minister attended the 16th East Asia Summit (EAS). The 16th EAS discussed important regional and international...

    05 Nov 2021 Regional Groupings

  • 18th India-ASEAN Summit

    Why in News Recently, India participated in the 18th India-ASEAN Summit at the invitation of Brunei, the current Chair of ASEAN. The Year 2022...

    02 Nov 2021 Regional Groupings

  • Rail Link between Nepal and India

    Why in News The first stretch of rail link between Nepal and India is ready to resume on the neighbouring country’s first-ever broad gauge...

    11 Oct 2021 Regional Groupings

  • Perspective: AUKUS-Geopolitical Impact

    Why in News Recently, a new trilateral security partnership AUKUS was announced between Australia, UK and USA for the Indo-Pacific region. Key...

    30 Sep 2021 Regional Groupings

  • 15th East Asia Summit Energy Ministers Meeting

    Why in News Recently, the Union Minister of State for Power attended the 15th East Asia Summit Energy Ministers Meeting. The theme of the meeting...

    17 Sep 2021 Regional Groupings

  • Connectivity Projects: India and Southeast Asia

    Why in News Recently, at the virtual ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) summit on Future of India-ASEAN Connectivity Partnerships, the...

    16 Sep 2021 Regional Groupings

  • BRICS In The Present Time

    This article is based on It's time to build BRICS better which was published in The Hindu on 01/09/2021. It talks about the success of BRICS and...

    01 Sep 2021 Regional Groupings

  • Resiliency of Global Trade

    This article is based on Unpacking the resiliency of global trade, yet again which was published in The Hindu on 11/08/2021. It talks about the...

    11 Aug 2021 Regional Groupings

  • China-led South Asian Initiative

    Why in News Recently, Bangladesh has invited India to join the China-led South Asian initiative for Covid-19 vaccines and poverty alleviation. It...

    22 Jul 2021 Regional Groupings

  • India-Nepal Rail Services Agreement (RSA)

    Why in News India and Nepal have signed a Letter of Exchange (LoE) to the India-Nepal Rail Services Agreement (RSA) 2004. It will allow all...

    10 Jul 2021 Regional Groupings

  • Stand-Off on GERD

    Why in News Recently, Ethiopia has started the second phase of filling a Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam’s (GERD) reservoir on the upper Blue...

    07 Jul 2021 Regional Groupings

  • The Big Picture: Maritime Security Challenges

    Why in News Recently, the Defence Minister of India addressed the 8th ASEAN Defence Ministers Meeting (ADMM) Plus. The ADMM-Plus is a platform...

    22 Jun 2021 Regional Groupings

  • China-ASEAN Meeting

    Why in News Recently, China hosted a meeting of foreign ministers from the 10 Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries. The...

    10 Jun 2021 Regional Groupings

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