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  • Right to be Forgotten

    Why in News Recently, a reality show contestant has approached the Delhi High Court with a plea seeking the removal of his videos, photographs and...

    26 Jul 2021 IT & Computers

  • RBI to Introduce Digital Currency

    Why in News The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is working on a phased implementation strategy for its own digital currency and is in the process of...

    23 Jul 2021 IT & Computers

  • Geospatial Technologies for the Water Sector in India

    Why in News Recently, the Association of Geospatial Industries released a report titled “Potential of Geospatial Technologies for the Water...

    22 Jul 2021 IT & Computers

  • Internet Through High Altitude Balloons

    Why in News Recently, the US has planned to transmit the Internet to the people in Cuba via high-altitude balloons when their government has blocked...

    20 Jul 2021 IT & Computers

  • BHIM - UPI Launched in Bhutan

    Why in News The Union Minister of Finance of India along with her counterpart, the Finance Minister of Bhutan has jointly launched Bharat Interface...

    14 Jul 2021 IT & Computers

  • SpaceCom

    This article is based on “Satellite Broadband: A faster way to connect India'' which was published in The Hindu Business Line on 04/07/2021....

    05 Jul 2021 IT & Computers

  • The Big Picture: 5G - The Road Ahead

    Why in News The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has given permissions to Telecom Service Providers (TSPs) for conducting trials for use and...

    29 Jun 2021 IT & Computers

  • Cyber Capabilities and National Power Report: IISS

    Why in News According to a report by International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), an influential think tank, India’s offensive cyber...

    28 Jun 2021 IT & Computers

  • Guidelines for Other Service Providers (OSPs)

    Why in News Recently, the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has eased the norms for Other Service Providers (OSPs). The OSP guidelines were...

    25 Jun 2021 IT & Computers

  • Strategy to Promote Medical, Rural and MICE Tourism

    Why in News The Ministry of Tourism has formulated three draft strategies with roadmaps for promoting Medical and Wellness Tourism, for development...

    21 Jun 2021 IT & Computers

  • Changes in Cable Television Network Rules

    Why in News The central government issued a notification amending the Cable Television Network Rules, 1994 thereby providing a statutory mechanism...

    18 Jun 2021 IT & Computers

  • Helpline for Cyber Fraud

    Why in News The Ministry of Home Affairs has operationalised the national Helpline 155260 and Reporting Platform for preventing financial loss due...

    18 Jun 2021 IT & Computers

  • National AI Portal

    Why in News The ‘National AI Portal’, celebrated its first anniversary on 28th May, 2021. Key Points About the National AI Portal:...

    14 Jun 2021 IT & Computers

  • El Salvador Adopts Bitcoin as Legal Tender

    Why in News El Salvador, a small coastal country in Central America has become the first in the world to adopt Bitcoin, as legal tender. Legal...

    11 Jun 2021 IT & Computers

  • Railways Gets 5 MHz Spectrum

    Why in News Recently, the Union Cabinet approved the allotment of 5 MHz spectrum in the 700 MHz frequency band to the Indian Railways for improving...

    10 Jun 2021 IT & Computers

  • Satellite Internet

    Why in News According to an estimate, 1,250 satellites will be launched annually this decade, with 70% of them for commercial purposes. Various...

    04 Jun 2021 IT & Computers

  • The Big Picture: Social Media- New Rules & Implications

    Why in News Recently, the Government of India announced the New IT Rules for social media platforms in the 'Significant Social Media...

    01 Jun 2021 IT & Computers

  • Cryptocurrency and India

    This article is based upon “Catching the New Tech Wave” which was published in the Indian Express on 31/05/2021. It talks about the...

    31 May 2021 IT & Computers

  • Information Technology Rules, 2021

    This article is based on “Nine-pin bowling aimed at free speech, privacy” which was published in The Hindu on 28/05/2021. It talks...

    28 May 2021 IT & Computers

  • Traceability Provision in New IT Rules 2021

    Why in News Recently, messaging platform WhatsApp has moved the Delhi High Court to challenge the traceability provision in the New IT Rules...

    27 May 2021 IT & Computers

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