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  • Safeguarding Children in the Age of AI

    This editorial is based on the article Children, a key yet missed demographic in AI regulation which was published in The Hindu on 26/09/2023. It...

    29 Sep 2023 IT & Computers

  • India's Digital Landscape with PM-WANI

    For Prelims: PM WANI, India's Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) For Mains: Role of PM-WANI in India's Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI),...

    22 Sep 2023 IT & Computers

  • Fostering Ethical AI

    For Prelims: Fostering Ethical AI, Ethical Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), AI facial recognition, Generative AI.  For...

    21 Sep 2023 IT & Computers

  • Safeguarding the Global Financial Ecosystem

    For Prelims: Fintech industry, Crypto Threats, Cyber Threats, Tax Havens and Evasion For Mains: Major threats faced by the global financial...

    08 Sep 2023 IT & Computers

  • Central Bank Digital Currency

    For Prelims: Central Bank Digital Currency, Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Cryptocurrencies, Fiat currency, Informal economy, Cyber Security. For...

    06 Sep 2023 IT & Computers

  • Role of UPI in Shaping Foreign Policy

    For Prelims: India Stack, Data Empowerment and Protection Architecture(DEPA), Digital public infrastructure, United Payments Interface For Mains:...

    05 Sep 2023 IT & Computers

  • Exploring the Ethical Implications of AI

    This editorial is based on Can AI be Ethical and Moral? which was published in The Hindu on 24/08/2023. It talks about how programming ethics into...

    25 Aug 2023 IT & Computers

  • Project Worldcoin

    Source: TH Why in News? Recently, a project called Worldcoin has been launched by OpenAI, an Artificial intelligence company. The project claims to...

    24 Aug 2023 IT & Computers

  • Challenges of AI Disruption

    This editorial is based on PREPARING FOR a DISRUPTION which was published in The Indian Express on 21/08/2023. It talks about the potential...

    22 Aug 2023 IT & Computers

  • Agnibaan SubOrbital Technological Demonstrator (SOrTeD)

    Source: BT Why in News? Recently, AgniKul Cosmos, a space tech start-up based in Chennai, set to launch their groundbreaking Agnibaan SubOrbital...

    21 Aug 2023 IT & Computers

  • Telecom Regulatory Authority of India Repealing Regulations, 2023

    For Prelims: Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, OTT Communication service, Dial-up and Leased Line Internet Access. For Mains: Developments in...

    02 Aug 2023 IT & Computers

  • Post-Quantum Cryptography

    For Prelims: Post-Quantum Cryptography, Quantum Computing, Rivest-Shamir-Adleman, ECC Elliptic Curves Cryptography, Diffie-Hellman, Quantum...

    01 Aug 2023 IT & Computers

  • Standard Model of Particle Physics and Electric Dipole Moment

    Source: TH Why in News? Some physicists are doing experiments to find flaws in a theory called the Standard Model of particle physics with taking...

    29 Jul 2023 IT & Computers

  • UPU to Assess UPI for Cross-Border Remittances

    Source: PIB Why in News? The Universal Postal Union (UPU) has announced plans to evaluate the integration of the Unified Payment Interface (UPI)...

    19 Jul 2023 IT & Computers

  • International SMS Tariffs

    Source: TH Why in News? Tech firms and telecom operators are facing off over steep SMS tariffs, causing one-time passcodes and messages to...

    18 Jul 2023 IT & Computers

  • Data Governance in India

    For Prelims: DPDP 2022, GDPR, Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules 2021, Proposal of ‘Digital...

    14 Jul 2023 IT & Computers

  • Majorana Zero Modes

    For Prelims: Majorana Zero Modes, Quantum Computing, Qubits, Supercomputer, Antiparticle, Fermions, Positrons, Neutrinos.  For Mains:...

    12 Jul 2023 IT & Computers

  • Concerns Related to High Modernism in AI

    For Prelims: Concerns Related to High Modernism in AIs, ChatGPT, Artificial Intelligence For Mains: Concerns Related to High Modernism in AIs,...

    12 Jul 2023 IT & Computers

  • OTT Communication Services

    For Prelims: Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, Over-the-top Services, Covid-19 pandemic, Universal Service Obligation Fund, Draft...

    11 Jul 2023 IT & Computers

  • Government Taps Private Sector to Run Staff Email Service

    For Prelims: NICNET Services, National Informatics Centre (NIC) For Mains: Role of digital transformation in modernizing government communication...

    07 Jul 2023 IT & Computers

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