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  • Google Unveils Project Gemini

    Google has introduced project Gemini, an artificial intelligence (AI) model designed to exhibit human-like behavior. This development is expected...

    07 Dec 2023 IT & Computers

  • Fibre Optic Cables

    For Prelims: Fibre Optic Cables, Optical Fibres, Charles Kao, Total Internal Reflection, National Mission on Quantum Technologies and...

    29 Nov 2023 IT & Computers

  • Decentralised Autonomous Organisations

    For Prelims: Decentralised Autonomous Organisations, Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain technology, Democratic, and self-executing systems, Intellectual...

    28 Nov 2023 IT & Computers

  • Quantum Computing and AI in Symbiotic Harmony

    This editorial is based on “When AI meets Quantum Computing” which was published in The Hindu Business Line on 22/11/2023. It discusses...

    24 Nov 2023 IT & Computers

  • Government's Push for Data Ownership

    For Prelims: Artificial intelligence (AI), Digital India Bill,  Anonymised Data, Personal Data Protection Act, 2023 For Mains: Regulating...

    20 Nov 2023 IT & Computers

  • AI and World Without Work

    For Prelims: Artificial Intelligence, John Maynard Keynes, Karl Marx, Applications of AI. For Mains: Arguments in Favour and Against of AI...

    18 Nov 2023 IT & Computers

  • Regulating OTT: Draft Broadcasting Regulation Bill, 2023

    This editorial is based on “Regulating OTT: Draft Broadcasting Regulation Bill may be an attempt to control digital infrastructure”...

    16 Nov 2023 IT & Computers

  • Massive Aadhaar Data Breach

    For Prelims: Massive Aadhaar Data Breach, Aadhaar, UIDAI, Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Cyber Attack, Dark Web, Deep Web, IT Rules...

    14 Nov 2023 IT & Computers

  • Artificial Intelligence Safety Summit 2023

    For Prelims: Artificial Intelligence, Frontier AI, Ethical AI, Bletchley Park, Bletchley Park Declaration For Mains: Science and Technology-...

    08 Nov 2023 IT & Computers

  • Dark Patterns


    31 Oct 2023 IT & Computers

  • DNA and Face Matching Systems At Police Stations

    Source: TH Why in News? Over a year after Parliament passed the Criminal Procedure Identification Act (CrPI), 2022; the Centre is preparing to...

    26 Oct 2023 IT & Computers

  • SIM Cards

    For Prelims: SIM Cards, Smartphones, Climate Change, Antimicrobial Resistance, International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI), Global System for...

    25 Oct 2023 IT & Computers

  • Test on Crew Escape System

    For Prelims: Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), Crew Escape System, Human Space Flight Mission, Flight Test Vehicle Abort Mission-1...

    24 Oct 2023 IT & Computers

  • Large Language Models

    For Prelims: ChatGPT, Artificial Intelligence, Large Language Models (LLMs), Principal Scientific Advisor, Deep Tech, Department for Promotion of...

    24 Oct 2023 IT & Computers

  • CBDT Directives on Angel Tax

    Source: IE Why in News? The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has issued a directive aimed at ensuring that Department for Promotion of Industry...

    19 Oct 2023 IT & Computers

  • Quantum Engine

    Source: TH Why in News? Researchers have made a groundbreaking discovery by developing a quantum engine, referred to as the 'Pauli engine,' which...

    18 Oct 2023 IT & Computers

  • Remote Voting for Migrants

    For Prelims: Remote Voting for Migrants, Election Commission of India (ECI), Remote EVM (R-EVM), Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs). For Mains:...

    14 Oct 2023 IT & Computers

  • Emergence of Multimodal AIs

    For Prelims: Emergence of Multimodal AIs, AI (Artificial Intelligence), Human-like Cognition, OpenAIs ChatGPT, Google's Gemini model. For Mains:...

    12 Oct 2023 IT & Computers

  • India's Digital Future: The Digital India Act 2023

    This editorial analysis is based on “How the Digital India Act will shape the future of the country’s cyber landscape” which was...

    09 Oct 2023 IT & Computers

  • Geospatial Intelligence

    For Prelims: Geospatial Intelligence, Global positioning Systems (GPS), Satellites, Mobile Sensors, Aerial Images For Mains: Importance and...

    30 Sep 2023 IT & Computers

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