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  • Brick Temple at Bhitargaon

    The temple at Bhitargaon in Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh) is one of the earliest surviving brick temples of India. It was built in the 5th century A.D...

    11 Dec 2018 Indian History

  • Climate Change and the Decline of Indus Valley Civilisation

    A new study titled ‘Neoglacial climate anomalies and the Harappan metamorphosis’, conducted by an international team of scientists...

    19 Nov 2018 Indian History

  • Dispute Over Restoration of Konark Sun Temple

    The 13th century Sun Temple at Konark (Odisha) has entered into controversy over allegations that the stone carvings on the outer surface are being...

    15 Nov 2018 Indian History

  • 75th Anniversary of Azad Hind Government

    75th anniversary of the formation of Azad Hind Government was celebrated on 21st October, 2018, at the Red Fort, Delhi. On this day 75 years ago,...

    22 Oct 2018 Indian History

  • Atal Bihari Vajpayee Passes Away

    Atal Bihari Vajpayee, a towering politician, statesman, orator and a poet passed away at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in New...

    17 Aug 2018 Indian History

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