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  • Special Report: Directive Principles of State Policy

    For Prelims: Directive Principles of State Policy (DPSP), Fundamental Rights (FRs). For Mains: Directive Principles of State Policy (DPSP),...

    25 Jan 2023 Indian Constitution

  • Disclosure of Journalistic Sources

    For Prelims: Law Commission of India, Article 19, Press Council of India (PCI) For Mains: Legal Protection for Disclosure of Journalistic Sources,...

    24 Jan 2023 Indian Constitution

  • Chargesheet: Not a Public Document

    For Prelims: Chargesheet, First Information Report (FIR), Criminal Code of Procedure (CrPC). For Mains: Difference Between Chargesheet and FIR,...

    23 Jan 2023 Indian Constitution

  • Doctrine of Separation of Powers

    For Prelims: Doctrine of Separation of Powers, Basic Structure of Constitution, Supreme Court, NJAC Act For Mains: Doctrine of Separation of Power...

    14 Jan 2023 Indian Constitution

  • Ladakh’s Demand of Sixth Schedule

    For Prelims: Parliament, Union Territory (UT) of Ladakh, Sixth Schedule of the Constitution, Autonomous District Councils (ADCs) For Mains: Demand...

    12 Jan 2023 Indian Constitution

  • Special Report: Doctrine of Separation of Powers

    For Prelims: Parliament, Rajya Sabha, Lok Sabha, President, Prime Minister For Mains: Objectives of the Indian Constitution, Importance of...

    07 Jan 2023 Indian Constitution

  • Right to Strike

    Prelims: Article 19, Industrial Dispute Act, 1947, Fundamental Rights. Mains: Right to Strike. Why in News? The Kerala High Court has...

    07 Jan 2023 Indian Constitution

  • Delimitation

    For Prelims: Delimitation Commission, Supreme Court, Article 82, Article 170, Lok Shaba, Rajya Sabha For Mains: Indian Constitution, Elections,...

    03 Jan 2023 Indian Constitution

  • Democratic Vision of Ambedkar

    For Prelims: Ambedkar, Buddha, Kabir and Mahatma Phule For Mains: Democratic Vision of Ambedkar Why in News? Several studies have examined Dr...

    23 Dec 2022 Indian Constitution

  • Appropriation Bill

    For Prelims: Appropriation Bills, Consolidated Fund of India, Lok Sabha,Rajya Sabha, Vote on Account, Article 116, Finance Bill, money bills For...

    21 Dec 2022 Indian Constitution

  • Kerala University Laws (Amendment) Bills

    For Prelims: Role of Governor in appointment of Governor in State Universitates. For Mains: Kerala University Laws (amendment) Bills. Why in...

    19 Dec 2022 Indian Constitution

  • Court Vacations

    For Prelims: Court vacations, Vacation Bench, Supreme Court, CJI, Pendency. For Mains: Vacation Bench and Related Issues. Why in...

    19 Dec 2022 Indian Constitution

  • Recusal of Judges

    For Prelims: Recusal of Judges, Supreme Court For Mains: Recusal of Judges and related concerns Why in News? Recently, a Supreme Court (SC)...

    17 Dec 2022 Indian Constitution

  • Poor State of Undertrials

    Prelims: Supreme Court, Lok Adalat, Law Commission, NCRB, Prison Reforms. Mains: Poor State of Undertrials and Prison Reforms. Why in...

    13 Dec 2022 Indian Constitution

  • Collegium System


    12 Dec 2022 Indian Constitution

  • National Judicial Commission Bill, 2022

    For Prelims: Collegium System, 99th Constitution (Amendment) Act, Chief Justice of India (CJI), SP Gupta Vs Union of India 1981, Second Judges...

    10 Dec 2022 Indian Constitution

  • Finance Commission


    30 Nov 2022 Indian Constitution

  • Time for Transformative Judicial Revolution

    This article is based upon “A burdened judiciary needs help” which was published in Hindu Business Line on 23/11/2022. It talks about...

    26 Nov 2022 Indian Constitution

  • Constitution Day

    For Prelims: Constitution of India, Constitution Day, Government of India Act 1935 For Mains: Drafting of the Indian Constitution, Key Features of...

    26 Nov 2022 Indian Constitution

  • Religious Conversion

    For Prelims: States that have passed anti conversion laws, Constitutional provisions on freedom of religion, Article 21 of the Constitution,...

    16 Nov 2022 Indian Constitution

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