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  • Trafficking in Persons Report

    Why in News According to the Trafficking in Persons report 2021, released by the US State Department, the Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in an...

    03 Jul 2021 Indian Constitution

  • Attorney General of India

    Why in News The central government has extended the term of K.K. Venugopal as Attorney General (AG) for one more year. This is the second time...

    29 Jun 2021 Indian Constitution

  • Gujarat Prohibition Law

    Why in News Recently, the Gujarat Prohibition Act, 1949 has been challenged before the Gujarat High Court, more than seven decades after it came...

    29 Jun 2021 Indian Constitution

  • Recusal of Judges

    Why in News Recently, two Supreme Court (SC) judges have recused themselves from hearing cases relating to West Bengal. Key...

    23 Jun 2021 Indian Constitution

  • Delimitation in Jammu and Kashmir

    Why in News Recently, the delimitation exercise has started in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K). The completion of the delimitation exercise will mark...

    22 Jun 2021 Indian Constitution

  • Tulu Language

    Why in News The Tulu speakers, mainly in Karnataka and Kerala, have been requesting the governments to give it official language status and include...

    15 Jun 2021 Indian Constitution

  • Public Service Commissions: Union and State

    Introduction As per Article 312 of the Indian Constitution, the Parliament is entitled to create one or more All India services (including an All...

    09 Jun 2021 Indian Constitution

  • Time to Define Limits of Sedition: SC

    Why in News Recently, the Supreme Court (SC) while protecting two Telugu (language) news channels from coercive action by the Andhra Pradesh...

    01 Jun 2021 Indian Constitution

  • Centre Extends Powers Related to Citizenship Application

    Why in News Recently, the Central Government issued a notification granting powers related to citizenship applications under existing rules to...

    31 May 2021 Indian Constitution

  • Covid leaves Orphaned Children Vulnerable to Trafficking

    Why in News As India battles a raging second wave, cases of children losing their parents to Covid-19 are also mounting. Further, the...

    18 May 2021 Indian Constitution

  • Legislative Council

    Why in News Recently, the West Bengal government has decided to set up a Legislative Council (Vidhan Parishad). For setting up the Council, a...

    18 May 2021 Indian Constitution

  • The Office of Speaker of Lok Sabha

    Introduction About: The Office of the Speaker in India is a living and dynamic institution which deals with the actual needs and problems of...

    17 May 2021 Indian Constitution

  • Overcrowding of Prison

    Why in News The Supreme Court (SC) of India has ordered the interim release of eligible prisoners in view of the uncontrolled second surge in the...

    15 May 2021 Indian Constitution

  • Article 311 of the Constitution

    Why in News Recently, a police officer was dismissed from the service by Mumbai Police Commissioner under Article 311(2)(b) of the Constitution...

    13 May 2021 Indian Constitution

  • Post Devolution Revenue Deficit

    Why in News The Ministry of Finance has released the second monthly instalment of Post Devolution Revenue Deficit (PDRD) Grant of Rs. 9,871 crore...

    10 May 2021 Indian Constitution

  • World Press Freedom Day 2021

    Why in News The World Press Freedom Day (WPFD) is an annual celebration of press freedom, observed on 3rd May every year. The main celebration is...

    05 May 2021 Indian Constitution

  • Challenges with National Security Act, 1980

    Why in News In some cases it has been found that the National Security Act-1980 (NSA) was invoked to prevent the person from being released from...

    06 Apr 2021 Indian Constitution

  • Acquittal by Benefit of Doubt

    Why in News The Supreme Court has held that a public employer can reject a candidate as unsuitable if he/she had, in the past, been acquitted of a...

    05 Apr 2021 Indian Constitution

  • Star Campaigners and Model Code of Conduct

    Why in News Recently, the Election Commission of India (ECI) delisted Ex-Telecom Minister A. Raja from the list of star campaigners. He has also...

    02 Apr 2021 Indian Constitution

  • Article 244(A) of the Constitution

    Why in News The demand for an autonomous state within Assam has been raised by some of the sections of the society in Assam under the provisions of...

    02 Apr 2021 Indian Constitution

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