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  • ILO World Employment and Social Outlook Trends 2022

    For Prelims: World Economic and Social Outlook - Trends (WESO Trends) 2022 For Mains: Unemployment since the pandemic, Impact of pandemic on...

    19 Jan 2022 Human Resource

  • Great Resignation

    Why in News Recently, in the aftermath of Covid-19, large numbers of people are embracing the credo of “antiwork”, and walking out of...

    19 Jan 2022 Human Resource

  • Oxfam Report: Inequality Kills

    For Prelims: Oxfam Report and its key findings. For Mains: Key Findings, Causes of Inequality, Impact of the Covid-19. Why in News Recently,...

    18 Jan 2022 Human Resource

  • Perspective: Human Migration: Reasons & Impact

    For Prelims: Human Migration, International Organization for Migration For Mains: Significance of Migration, Role of Indian Diaspora in...

    13 Jan 2022 Human Resource

  • Human Development in Sync with Planetary Pressures

    This editorial is based on “Treating The Planet Well Can Aid Progress” which was published in The Hindu on 12/01/2022. It talks about...

    12 Jan 2022 Human Resource

  • IndiaSkills 2021

    For Prelims: IndiaSkills 2021, National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC). For Mains: Need for Skilling youth, related challenges and...

    11 Jan 2022 Human Resource

  • Migrant Workers and Urban Housing

    This editorial is based on “A Shelter In Pandemic” which was published in Indian Express on 10/01/2022. It talks about the housing...

    10 Jan 2022 Human Resource

  • Unemployment in India

    Relevance for Prelims: Types of Unemployment in India, Support for Marginalised Individuals for Livelihood and Enterprise (SMILE), PM-DAKSH...

    04 Jan 2022 Human Resource

  • Padhe Bharat Campaign

    Why in News Recently, the Ministry of Education has launched a 100 days reading campaign 'Padhe Bharat' (1st January to 10th April 2022). 21st...

    03 Jan 2022 Human Resource

  • Prohibition Laws and Issues

    For Prelims: Right to Privacy, States that have banned sale of alcohol, Directive Principles of State Policy(DPSP), Fundamental duties. For Mains:...

    01 Jan 2022 Human Resource

  • Building An Elderly-Inclusive Society

    This editorial is based on “The Elderly are Assets, not Dependents” which was published in The Hindu on 27/12/2021. It talks about the...

    27 Dec 2021 Human Resource

  • SAMPANN Project

    Why in News Over one lakh people have received pensions directly in their bank accounts through the SAMPANN (System for Accounting and Management of...

    11 Dec 2021 Human Resource

  • World Human Rights Day

    Why in News Every year Human Rights Day is celebrated on 10th December all around the world. Freedom in the World 2021 report released earlier...

    08 Dec 2021 Human Resource

  • World Inequality Report 2022

    Why in News According to the recently released World Inequality Report 2022, India is now among the most unequal countries in the world. The...

    08 Dec 2021 Human Resource

  • Upskilling of Street Vendors

    Why in News Recently, the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE) announced a pilot project to train 2,500 street food vendors in...

    01 Dec 2021 Human Resource

  • 9th BRICS Science & Technology Ministers Meeting

    Why in News Recently, India’s Minister for Science & Technology chaired the 9th BRICS Science & Technology Ministers...

    29 Nov 2021 Human Resource

  • India Becomes the Highest Recipient of Remittances

    Why in News According to the World Bank’s Migration and Development Brief, India has become the world’s largest recipient of...

    19 Nov 2021 Human Resource

  • Internal Displacement

    Why in News According to a report (Mid-Year Trends 2021 Report) by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), nearly 51 million...

    16 Nov 2021 Human Resource

  • Unified Payments Interface (UPI)

    Why in News The Unified Payments Interface (UPI) payments system has cut across the Indian socio-economic digital divide amazingly fast. Even...

    16 Nov 2021 Human Resource

  • 2021 Padma Awards

    Why in News Recently, the President of India presented the Padma awards to 119 recipients for the year 2021 at Rashtrapati Bhavan. The list...

    09 Nov 2021 Human Resource

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