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  • Terms of Reference for 16th Finance Commission

    For Prelims: Sixteenth Finance Commission, Consolidated Fund of India, Grants-in-aid, Panchayats and Municipalities, Gross State Domestic Product,...

    02 Dec 2023 Governance

  • Strengthening the Industry-Academia Collaborations

    This editorial is based on “How universities and industry can collaborate” which was published in The Hindu on 30/11/2023. It talks...

    01 Dec 2023 Governance

  • Fast Track Special Courts

    For Prelims: Fast Track Special Courts, Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO Act), Sexual Offenses, Criminal Law (Amendment) Act...

    01 Dec 2023 Governance

  • Centre Exempts CERT-In from Ambit of RTI Act

    For Prelims: Right to Information Act, 2005, Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In), Cyber Security For Mains: Right to Information...

    29 Nov 2023 Governance

  • Social Audits in MGNREGS

    For Prelims: Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS), Social Audits, Amrit Sarovar, Jaldoot App For Mains:...

    27 Nov 2023 Governance

  • Aadhaar Services Outages

    For Prelims: Aadhaar Services Outages, Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), One-Time Passcodes, Management of Aadhaar services. For...

    24 Nov 2023 Governance

  • Transit Anticipatory Bail

    For Prelims: First Information Report (FIR), Anticipatory Bail,Bail and its Types, Code Of Criminal Procedure (CrPC), 1973, Article 21 For Mains:...

    23 Nov 2023 Governance

  • Haryana's Private Sector Quota Law

    For Prelims: Article 16(4), Article 19, Right to Equality, Fundamental rights For Mains: Employment reservations in the private sector, Local...

    22 Nov 2023 Governance

  • Uttarkashi Tunnel Collapse

    For Prelims: Silkyara-Barkot Tunnel, Char Dham Project, National Highways and Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd, Drill and Blast Method,...

    22 Nov 2023 Governance

  • Road Safety: Unraveling Silent Pandemic of Road Accidents

    This editorial is based on “Steering road safety in India back onto the right lane” which was published in The Hindu on 20/11/2023. It...

    20 Nov 2023 Governance

  • Frictions in Centre-State Relations

    For Prelims: Impact of Frictions in Centre-State Relations, Cooperative Federalism, Schedule VII of the constitution, Economic Reforms, ...

    20 Nov 2023 Governance

  • Government's Push for Data Ownership

    For Prelims: Artificial intelligence (AI), Digital India Bill,  Anonymised Data, Personal Data Protection Act, 2023 For Mains: Regulating...

    20 Nov 2023 Governance

  • Jurisdiction of Lokpal

    For Prelims: Lokpal of India, Swadesh Darshan Scheme, Buddhist circuit, Ramayana circuit, Spiritual Circuit, Department of Personnel and Training...

    18 Nov 2023 Governance

  • State Funding Debate: A Path to Transparent Elections

    This editorial is based on “Should elections be state funded?” which was published in The Hindu on 17/11/2023. It talks about the...

    18 Nov 2023 Governance

  • Digital Advertisement Policy, 2023

    For Prelims: Digital Advertisement Policy, 2023, Central Bureau of Communication (CBC), Digital Media, Social media, Over-the-Top (OTT)...

    17 Nov 2023 Governance

  • Regulating OTT: Draft Broadcasting Regulation Bill, 2023

    This editorial is based on “Regulating OTT: Draft Broadcasting Regulation Bill may be an attempt to control digital infrastructure”...

    16 Nov 2023 Governance

  • SHREYAS Scheme for OBC & Others

    For Prelims: SHREYAS Scheme, Central Sector Schemes for OBC (Other Backward Classes), Extremely Backward Classes, National Fellowship for OBC,...

    16 Nov 2023 Governance

  • From Welfarism to Well-Being

    This editorial is based on “The welfare programme economists loved to hate” which was published in Hindustan Times on 14/11/2023. It...

    15 Nov 2023 Governance

  • Electoral Trusts Scheme, 2013

    For Prelims: Electoral Trusts Scheme, Electoral Bonds, Political Parties, Representation of the People Act 1951 For Mains: Effects of Electoral...

    11 Nov 2023 Governance

  • Net Neutrality in India

    This editorial is based on “A telco double dip attempt that threatens Net neutrality” which was published in The Hindu on 07/11/2023. It...

    11 Nov 2023 Governance

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