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  • Fragmented Globalisation

    This editorial is based on “Fragmented Globalisation” which was published in Financial Express on 11/03/2023. It talks about how the...

    17 Mar 2023 Deglobalisation & Protectionism

  • Protectionism vs Globalization

    For Prelims: Globalization, Protectionism, Atmanirbhar Bharat Initiative For Mains: Pros and Cons of Globalization, Decline of Globalization,...

    15 Dec 2021 Deglobalisation & Protectionism

  • Agreement on Agriculture: WTO

    Why in News Recently, while addressing the G-33 Virtual Informal Ministerial Meeting, India’s Commerce and Industry Minister pointed out the...

    18 Sep 2021 Deglobalisation & Protectionism

  • Resiliency of Global Trade

    This article is based on Unpacking the resiliency of global trade, yet again which was published in The Hindu on 11/08/2021. It talks about the...

    11 Aug 2021 Deglobalisation & Protectionism

  • USA Opposes Cuba in UNHRC

    Why in News The United States of America has urged United Nations members not to support Cuba’s bid to join the United Nations Human Rights...

    07 Aug 2020 Deglobalisation & Protectionism

  • Rise And Fall of Globalisation

    This article is based on “Is this the end of the globalisation era?” which was published in The HinduBussines Line on 11/06/2020. It...

    13 Jun 2020 Deglobalisation & Protectionism

  • The Big Picture: Localising Globalisation

    The dual supply and demand shocks from the COVID-19 pandemic are expected to cause a global recession. In the last several weeks, global supply...

    29 Apr 2020 Deglobalisation & Protectionism

  • Covid-19 and Globalization

    This article is based on “Will COVID-19 affect the course of globalisation?” “Internationalising the Covid-19 crisis”,...

    10 Apr 2020 Deglobalisation & Protectionism

  • India Moved to WTO on US Tariffs

    Why in News Under the World Trade Organisation’s (WTO’s) safeguard agreement, India has sought consultations with the US. The...

    08 Apr 2020 Deglobalisation & Protectionism

  • Covid-19 And Collective Action

    This article is based on “The deep void in global leadership” which was published in The Hindu on 30/03/2020. It talks about the lack...

    30 Mar 2020 Deglobalisation & Protectionism

  • India’s Trade: Challenges and Opportunities

    This article is based on “India’s bane is its non-competitiveness”, which was published in The Hindu BusinessLine on 11/12/2019....

    12 Dec 2019 Deglobalisation & Protectionism

  • Is Globalization Dying?

    This article is based on “Is Globalization Dying?” which was published in The Times of India on 21/10/2019. It talks about the various...

    21 Oct 2019 Deglobalisation & Protectionism

  • US-China Move to WTO

    Recently, China has lodged a complaint at the World Trade Organization (WTO) over raised import duties by the US. The US has recently imposed 15%...

    03 Sep 2019 Deglobalisation & Protectionism

  • Bigger Picture of USA’s Action Against Iran

    This article appeared on 18th May 2019 in Indian Express, By destabilising regions that supply oil and gas, US is keeping Rising Asia off-balance,...

    20 May 2019 Deglobalisation & Protectionism

  • Global Trade War: The Apology of Protectionism

    This editorial is based on the article "Seven likely outcomes of the US-China trade war" which appeared in "Livemint" on 16th May, 2019. The article...

    16 May 2019 Deglobalisation & Protectionism

  • India-US Trade

    India and the US agreed to deepen economic cooperation and resolve outstanding issues through regular official engagements in a recent meeting...

    08 May 2019 Deglobalisation & Protectionism

  • Global Slowdown

    New data this week showed China’s industrial profits dropped sharply in the first two months of the year, raising worries of a slowdown. The...

    04 Apr 2019 Deglobalisation & Protectionism

  • India to Step-up Agri-Diplomacy with China

    India is looking forward to increase agricultural exports to China as it proceeds to diversify its agricultural imports. Reasons For India's...

    19 Nov 2018 Deglobalisation & Protectionism

  • India's Disputes At WTO

    Recently, Australia has referred India to the World Trade Organization (WTO) over subsidies paid to sugarcane farmers. Many countries have filed...

    17 Nov 2018 Deglobalisation & Protectionism

  • US Revokes Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) for India

    The US government has withdrawn GSP (Generalized System of Preferences) benefits to India worth $70 million on as many as 50 items mostly from...

    02 Nov 2018 Deglobalisation & Protectionism

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