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  • Effect of Dust on Monsoon

    Why in News Recently, a study details how the Indian monsoon gets influenced by the atmospheric dust particles swept up by winds from deserts in the...

    05 Apr 2021 Climate Change

  • El Niño & Drought

    Why in News In a recent study by Indian Institute of Science’s (IISc) Centre for Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (CAOS), it has been found...

    14 Dec 2020 Climate Change

  • IFLOWS-Mumbai: Flood Warning System

    Why in News Recently, an integrated flood warning system - known as IFLOWS-Mumbai was launched making Mumbai the second city in India after Chennai...

    12 Jun 2020 Climate Change

  • Climate Change and The Eastern Ghats

    This article is based on "A browning east: on climate change and the Eastern Ghats" which was published in The Hindu on February 28, 2020. It talks...

    09 Mar 2020 Climate Change

  • Global Climate Risk Index 2020

    Why in News The international environmental think tank ‘Germanwatch’ has recently released the Global Climate Risk Index 2019. The...

    05 Dec 2019 Climate Change

  • UNDP’s Accelerator Lab

    Why in News The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has launched its Accelerator Lab in India. The project has been launched in...

    29 Nov 2019 Climate Change

  • The Big Picture- Rising Oceans, Sinking Cities

    Oceans act as a sponge for the ill effects of climate change. They absorb the heat and CO2 generated by greenhouse gas emissions. However, the same...

    12 Sep 2019 Climate Change

  • Climate Change Affecting Banana Cultivation

    According to a recent study published in Nature Climate Change, 10 leading banana producer countries including India- the largest producer &...

    06 Sep 2019 Climate Change

  • Climate Change and Land

    The article is based on the recent IPCC report “Climate change and Land” published on 8th August and an editorial “Climate on the...

    10 Aug 2019 Climate Change

  • Greenhouse Gas Emission


    07 Aug 2019 Climate Change

  • West Antarctic Ice Sheet

    A recent study has revealed that the giant West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) is destabilising and is on the verge of a complete collapse. The...

    19 Jul 2019 Climate Change

  • Airplane Contrails and Global Warming

    According to a recent study, the airplanes contrails contribute more to global warming than the CO2 emitted by an aircraft. Moreover, the...

    01 Jul 2019 Climate Change

  • Monsoon

    Generally, across the world, the monsoons are experienced in the tropical area roughly between 20° N and 20° S. The climate of India is...

    24 Jun 2019 Climate Change

  • Wild Yak (Bos grunniens)

    Researchers analysed yak dung to understand the vegetation and climate of the past and the connections they have to extinct the woolly rhino and...

    24 Jun 2019 Climate Change

  • Climate Change Impacting Small Island Developing States

    The United Nation (UN) in its report on World Population Prospects 2019 has warned that many Small Island Developing States (SIDS) may fail to...

    21 Jun 2019 Climate Change

  • Climate Change and Crop Production

    According to a recent study, India’s grain production is vulnerable to climate change, primarily because of the decline in yield of rice crop...

    19 Jun 2019 Climate Change

  • Air Pollution and Life Expectancy

    An environment think tank Centre for Science and Environment in its report “At the crossroad” has said that Life expectancy in India has...

    12 Jun 2019 Climate Change

  • Policy Watch – India’s Wind Energy Potential

    As per a report by Fitch Solutions Macro Research, India is likely to install 54.7 GW of wind capacity by 2022 against the 60 GW target set by the...

    23 May 2019 Climate Change

  • Two-metre Sea Level Rise 'Plausible' by 2100

    According to new projections, global sea levels could rise by two metres (6.5 feet) and displace tens of millions of people by the end of the...

    22 May 2019 Climate Change

  • In Depth – Biodiversity: Warning Bells

    Relentless pursuit of economic growth coupled with climate change has brought an unprecedented one million species at the doorstep of extinction....

    16 May 2019 Climate Change

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