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  • Rock Glaciers

    For Prelims: Jhelum, Rock Glaciers, Glacial lake outburst floods, Landslides, Thermokarst, Batagaika crater For Mains: Potential Consequences of...

    12 Jan 2024 Climate Change

  • Heat Waves and Heat Index

    For Prelims: Heat Index, Heat Waves, India Meteorological Department For Mains: Role of India Meteorological Department (IMD) in mitigating severe...

    01 Aug 2023 Climate Change

  • Crimean-Congo Haemorrhagic Fever

    Source: IE Why in News? As Europe experiences heatwaves and wildfires, concerns are mounting about the spread of viruses typically associated with...

    19 Jul 2023 Climate Change

  • Heatwave Conditions

    For Prelims: Criteria for Heat Waves, El Nino, Indian Meteorological Department,National Action Plan for Climate Change (NAPCC) For Mains:...

    14 Jun 2023 Climate Change

  • WMC Approves Global Greenhouse Gas Watch

    For Prelims: WMO, Climate Change, Green House Gas, UNFCCC. For Mains: Need for Global Greenhouse Gas Watch. Why in News? Recently, the 19th...

    27 May 2023 Climate Change

  • Thawing Permafrost in Arctic and Industrial Contamination

    For Prelims: Thawing Permafrost in Arctic, Industrial Contamination, NASA, Permafrost, Mining, Climate Change. For Mains: Thawing Permafrost in...

    17 May 2023 Climate Change

  • Heatwaves

    For Prelims: Heatwaves, Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), global warming, urban heat island effect, El Nino , Sendai Framework for Disaster...

    20 Apr 2023 Climate Change

  • Critical Assessment of Heat Action Plans

    For Prelims: Centre for Policy Research, Heat Action Plans, Climate Change, Heat Waves. For Mains: Critical Assessment of Heat Action...

    30 Mar 2023 Climate Change

  • Heat Index

    For Prelims: India Meteorological Department (IMD), Heat Index, Urban heat Island Effect, National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA). For...

    30 Mar 2023 Climate Change

  • Cold Wave

    Prelims: Cold Wave, Westerly Winds, IMD, Fog, Indo-Gangetic Plain. Mains: Factors Responsible for Cold Wave. Why in News? Delhi and other...

    12 Jan 2023 Climate Change

  • Severe Climate Disasters of 2022 and COP27

    For Prelims: Climate Disasters, malaria, diarrhoea, cyclones, droughts, heat waves, lightning, floods, landslides For Mains: Climate Change and...

    22 Nov 2022 Climate Change

  • World Heritage Glaciers under Threat: UNESCO

    For Prelims: UNESCO World Heritage, Climate Change, Global Warming. For Mains: World Heritage Glaciers under Threat, UNESCO. Why in...

    07 Nov 2022 Climate Change

  • Impact of Heatwaves on Children: UNICEF

    For Prelims: UNICEF, COP-27, Heatwaves, Climate Change, UNFCCC. For Mains: Impact of Heatwaves on Children. Why in News? Recently, UNICEF...

    28 Oct 2022 Climate Change

  • Glaciers in the Alps are Melting Faster than Ever

    Why in News? A new study revealed that, in 2022 Switzerland’s glaciers have lost an average of 6.2% of their ice. What are the...

    27 Oct 2022 Climate Change

  • Galápagos Islands

    For Prelims: World Heritage Site, Charles Darwin, Cold Ocean currents, Ocean Currents For Mains: Factors that Influences Ocean Current Why in...

    15 Oct 2022 Climate Change

  • Impact of Climate Change on Indian Monsoon

    For Prelims: Climate Change, Flooding, Droughts, Indian Ocean Dipole, Monsoon depression. For Mains: Impact of Climate Change on Indian...

    19 Sep 2022 Climate Change

  • Vishnugad Pipalkoti Hydro Electric Project

    For Prelims: Vishnugad Pipalkoti Hydro Electric Project, Alaknanda RIver, Ganga, Hydropower Projects in Uttrakhand, Climate Change. For Mains:...

    31 Aug 2022 Climate Change

  • Heat Waves in India

    This editorial is based on “A Robust Plan to Tackle Heightened Heat Stress” which was published in Hindustan Times on 20/07/2022. It...

    21 Jul 2022 Climate Change

  • Barents Sea Warming 

    For Prelims: Barents Sea, Atlantification, Global Warming, Jet Streams For Mains: Climate Change and Conservation Why in News? According to a...

    18 Jun 2022 Climate Change

  • Pre-Monsoon Devastation in Assam

    For Prelims: Landslides, Floods, Monsoon For Mains: Causes of Pre Monsoon Floods and Landslides in Assam and other hilly regions Why in...

    25 May 2022 Climate Change

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