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  • Severe Climate Disasters of 2022 and COP27

    For Prelims: Climate Disasters, malaria, diarrhoea, cyclones, droughts, heat waves, lightning, floods, landslides For Mains: Climate Change and...

    22 Nov 2022 Climate Change

  • World Heritage Glaciers under Threat: UNESCO

    For Prelims: UNESCO World Heritage, Climate Change, Global Warming. For Mains: World Heritage Glaciers under Threat, UNESCO. Why in...

    07 Nov 2022 Climate Change

  • Impact of Heatwaves on Children: UNICEF

    For Prelims: UNICEF, COP-27, Heatwaves, Climate Change, UNFCCC. For Mains: Impact of Heatwaves on Children. Why in News? Recently, UNICEF...

    28 Oct 2022 Climate Change

  • Glaciers in the Alps are Melting Faster than Ever

    Why in News? A new study revealed that, in 2022 Switzerland’s glaciers have lost an average of 6.2% of their ice. What are the...

    27 Oct 2022 Climate Change

  • Galápagos Islands

    For Prelims: World Heritage Site, Charles Darwin, Cold Ocean currents, Ocean Currents For Mains: Factors that Influences Ocean Current Why in...

    15 Oct 2022 Climate Change

  • Impact of Climate Change on Indian Monsoon

    For Prelims: Climate Change, Flooding, Droughts, Indian Ocean Dipole, Monsoon depression. For Mains: Impact of Climate Change on Indian...

    19 Sep 2022 Climate Change

  • Vishnugad Pipalkoti Hydro Electric Project

    For Prelims: Vishnugad Pipalkoti Hydro Electric Project, Alaknanda RIver, Ganga, Hydropower Projects in Uttrakhand, Climate Change. For Mains:...

    31 Aug 2022 Climate Change

  • Heat Waves in India

    This editorial is based on “A Robust Plan to Tackle Heightened Heat Stress” which was published in Hindustan Times on 20/07/2022. It...

    21 Jul 2022 Climate Change

  • Barents Sea Warming 

    For Prelims: Barents Sea, Atlantification, Global Warming, Jet Streams For Mains: Climate Change and Conservation Why in News? According to a...

    18 Jun 2022 Climate Change

  • Pre-Monsoon Devastation in Assam

    For Prelims: Landslides, Floods, Monsoon For Mains: Causes of Pre Monsoon Floods and Landslides in Assam and other hilly regions Why in...

    25 May 2022 Climate Change

  • A Long Term Strategy to Tackle Heat Waves

    This editorial is based on “Long-Term Plan Needed to Combat Heat Waves” which was published in The Hindu BusinessLine on 11/05/2022. It...

    13 May 2022 Climate Change

  • Heat Extremes in India

    This editorial is based on “India Needs an Emergency Plan for Heat Extremes” which was published in Hindustan Times on 22/03/2022. It...

    23 Mar 2022 Climate Change

  • Global Climate Risk Index 2021

    Why in News The international environmental think tank ‘Germanwatch’ released the Global Climate Risk Index 2021. This is the 16th...

    14 Oct 2021 Climate Change

  • Woolly Mammoths

    Why in News The United States’ startup Colossal Biosciences has announced its plan to bring woolly mammoths, or animals like them, back from...

    20 Sep 2021 Climate Change

  • Impact of Global Warming on Permafrost

    Why in News According to the latest IPCC report, increasing global warming will result in reductions in Arctic permafrost and the thawing of the...

    14 Sep 2021 Climate Change

  • Hydropower Projects in Himalayas

    Why in News Recently, the central government has said that no new Hydropower projects would be allowed in the upper reaches of the Ganga and those...

    30 Aug 2021 Climate Change

  • Rise in Heat Waves

    Why in News According to a recent study, more than 3,56,000 people died in 2019 as a result of extreme heat and that number is likely to grow in the...

    23 Aug 2021 Climate Change

  • Thawing Permafrost

    This article is based on Will the next killer disease originate in the Arctic? which was published in the Hindustan Times on 05/08/2021. It talks...

    05 Aug 2021 Climate Change

  • Early Southwest Monsoon

    Why in News After arriving at the Kerala Coast two days behind the schedule, the Southwest Monsoon has hit early across some areas of south...

    16 Jun 2021 Climate Change

  • Effect of Dust on Monsoon

    Why in News Recently, a study details how the Indian monsoon gets influenced by the atmospheric dust particles swept up by winds from deserts in the...

    05 Apr 2021 Climate Change

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