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  • World Air Quality Report

    For Prelims: World Air Quality Report, PM 2.5, System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting and Research (SAFAR) Portal, Air Quality Index, Push...

    15 Mar 2023 GS Paper - 3

  • Synchronised Survey of Vultures

    Why in News? There are 246 vultures spread across Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala, according to the first-ever synchronised census on the bird...

    15 Mar 2023 GS Paper - 3

  • Committee to Oversee Transfer/Import of Wild Animals in India

    For Prelims: Pangolins, Indian Star Tortoise, Wildlife Protection Act of 1972. For Mains: Issues Related to Captive Wild Animals in India. Why...

    14 Mar 2023 GS Paper - 3

  • India’s Arms Imports: SIPRI

    Prelims: India’s Arms Imports, Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, Russia-Ukraine War, Indigenization of Technology. Mains:...

    14 Mar 2023 GS Paper - 3

  • Manipur Government Withdraws from SoO Agreement

    For Prelims: Suspension of Operations (SoO) agreement, Kuki National Army, Zomi Revolutionary Army (ZRA). For Mains: Insurgency issues in Northeast...

    14 Mar 2023 GS Paper - 3

  • Doha Political Declaration on LDCs

    Prelims: Doha Political Declaration, Least Developed Countries, Unted Nations, SDGs, Climate Change, Covid-19. Mains: Doha Political Declaration...

    14 Mar 2023 GS Paper - 3

  • India-US Pact on Semiconductor

    Prelims: Scheme for Promotion of Manufacturing of Electronic Components and Semiconductors, Major Manufacturers of Semiconductor-chips. Mains:...

    14 Mar 2023 GS Paper - 3

  • Future-ready Transmission System

    Prelims: Future-ready Transmission System, Cyber Security, Smart Grids, Discoms, CEA. Mains: Need for Future-ready Transmission System. Why in...

    14 Mar 2023 GS Paper - 3

  • Safeguarding the Rights of Consumers

    This editorial is based on “Strengthening consumer trust” which was published in the Financial Express on 11/02/2023. It discusses the...

    13 Mar 2023 GS Paper - 3

  • ESG and India

    Prelims: CSR, Climate Change, UNPRI, BRSR, Poverty, Inequality. Mains: ESG and India. Why in News? People across the world are embracing the...

    13 Mar 2023 GS Paper - 3

  • Glow Scope

    Why in News? Researchers at Winona State University, Minnesota, have created a design for a Glow Scope, a Fluorescence Microscope. With this...

    13 Mar 2023 GS Paper - 3

  • States Demand to Declare Lightning as a Natural Disaster

    For Prelims: Natural Disasters, Lightning. For Mains: Effects of lightning and lightning as a natural disaster and Natural Disaster Why in the...

    13 Mar 2023 GS Paper - 3

  • Protecting Earth's Orbit from Space Debris

    For Prelims: Space Debris, United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, System for Safe and Sustainable Operations...

    13 Mar 2023 GS Paper - 3

  • Landslide Atlas of India

    Prelims: Landslide, Kedarnath disaster in 2013, Land Subsidence and Joshi math Case, Rainfall variability, Western Ghats, Himalayas. Mains: Key...

    11 Mar 2023 GS Paper - 3

  • MSME Competitive (LEAN) Scheme

    For Prelims: Lean Manufacturing, UDYAM Platform, Raising and Accelerating MSME Performance (RAMP) Scheme, Credit Guarantee Trust Fund for Micro...

    11 Mar 2023 GS Paper - 3

  • Transforming India’s Logistics System

    This editorial is based on “The ideal track to run India’s logistics system” which was published in the Hindu Business Line on...

    11 Mar 2023 GS Paper - 3

  • Centre brings Crypto under PMLA

    Prelims: Crypto Currency, PMLA, ED, Virtual Digital Assets. Mains: Crypto under Money Laundering Act. Why in News? The Union Ministry of...

    11 Mar 2023 GS Paper - 3

  • IBSA and Digital Governance Reform

    For Prelims: IBSA Forum, United Nations (UN) Office for South-South Cooperation (UNOSSC), India’s Aadhaar biometric ID system, India’s...

    11 Mar 2023 GS Paper - 3

  • Use of Antibiotics on Livestock

    Why in News? Recently, a team of Researchers in the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), has found that grazing by livestock leads to lower carbon...

    11 Mar 2023 GS Paper - 3

  • Migrant Issues and Safeguards

    For Prelims: Human Migration, India’s migrant workers, Labour Codes. For Mains: Legal framework for migrant welfare, Issues with Labour Codes,...

    10 Mar 2023 GS Paper - 3

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