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  • 21 May 2024
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Green Booths in Jharkhand

Why in News?

Green booths, established to advocate for environmental conservation and promote a plastic-free society, have become a popular draw for voters in Koderma district, Jharkhand.

Key Points

  • Green Polling booths were located at a senior citizen facility in Jhumri Telaiya within the Koderma Lok Sabha constituency.
  • Green elections are practices that aim to reduce the environmental impact of electoral processes. They involve measures such as using recycled materials, promoting electronic voting, and encouraging candidates to adopt sustainable campaign practices.
  • Green elections aim to minimise the environmental impact of electoral processes through:
    • Eco-Friendly Campaign Materials: Candidates and parties can adopt sustainable alternatives such as recycled paper, biodegradable banners, and reusable materials.
    • Reducing Energy Consumption: Opting for energy-efficient lighting, sound systems, and transportation during rallies can help reduce the carbon footprint.
    • Promoting Digital Campaigns: Leveraging digital platforms for campaigning (websites, social media, and email) reduces paper usage and energy consumption.

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