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  • 20 Sep 2021
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Sixth Session of Rajasthan Legislative Assembly Adjourned Indefinitely

Why in News

  • On 18 September 2021, the sixth session of the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly was adjourned sine die.

Key Points

  • Speaker of the Assembly Dr. C.P. Joshi said that this session started with the Governor's address on February 10, 2021. A total of 26 sittings were held in this and the assembly proceedings lasted for about 186 hours and 46 minutes till the end of the proceedings.
  • He said that a total of 8763 questions were received in this session, out of which starred questions are 3941 and unstarred questions are 4822. A total of 447 starred questions were listed out of which 290 questions were asked orally and answered. Similarly 470 unstarred questions were listed.
  • A total of 405 adjournment motions were received from the members under Rule 50 of the Procedure. Out of these 125 adjournment motions were given an opportunity to speak in the House and 116 members gave their views.
  • 362 Special Mention proposals were received from the members under Rule 295 of the Procedure. Out of these, 52 notices lapsed due to absence of members in the House.
  • Intimations of 890 proposals were received under Rule-131 of Procedure. A total of 4 calling attention motions were disallowed in the House.
  • A total of 272 members participated in the discussions held on different days on the demands of 11 grants related to different departments.
  • Information about 2682 cut motions was received on Demands for Grants, out of which 1929 cut motions were presented in the House and 753 cut motions were disallowed.
  • Dr. Joshi informed that a total of 20 Bills were passed by the House, including 17 Bills introduced in the current session and the Bills introduced in the previous session.
  • A total of 362 amendment proposals were received from the members on the bills, out of which 30 amendment proposals were inadmissible and 332 amendments were accepted at the secretariat level. 9 petitions were presented by the members in the House. A total of 41 reports of various committees were presented in the house during the session.

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