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Vipassana Meditation

  • 22 Oct 2021
  • 2 min read

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Key Points

  • The Chief Minister said that a Vipassana center has been set up at Buddha Smriti Park near Patna Junction. Government officials and employees willing to participate in this will be given 15 days leave by the government.
  • Karuna Stupa and Buddha Smriti Museum have been constructed in Buddha Smriti Park. It was first made a meditation center, then later it was made a Vipassana center.
  • The Karuna Stupa houses the relics of Lord Buddha brought from five countries – Japan, Myanmar, South Korea, Sri Lanka and Thailand. Apart from this, Bodhi trees brought by the Dalai Lama have also been planted here.
  • 10 days stay and food in this center is absolutely free. At present, Vipassana centers are running at five places in Bihar. Apart from Patna, there are centers in Bodh Gaya, Muzaffarpur, Nalanda and Vaishali.
  • Vipassana is one of the most ancient techniques of meditation. It means seeing things as they really are. It was discovered by Gautam Buddha more than two and a half thousand years ago. Its aim is the complete elimination of mental impurities and the happiness after complete liberation.
  • Significantly, Lord Buddha had attained enlightenment through 'Vipassana-Sadhana' of meditation. Vipassana is also one of the teachings of Mahatma Buddha. Vipassana does not teach to run away from the reality of life, rather it inspires to accept the reality of life in its true form.
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