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  • India’s Case of Permanent Seat in UNSC

    Why in News In the past, the Obama and Trump administrations had supported a permanent seat for India on the United Nations Security Council (UNSC)....

    07 Aug 2021 News Analysis

  • Antonio Guterres: 2nd Term UN Secretary General

    Why in News The United Nations General Assembly appointed Antonio Guterres as the ninth UN Secretary General (UNSG) for a second term beginning 1st...

    19 Jun 2021 News Analysis

  • India-Mexico

    Why in News Recently, the 5th meeting of the India-Mexico Bilateral High-Level Group (BHLG) on Trade, Investment and Cooperation has been held...

    14 Oct 2020 News Analysis

  • G4 Foreign Ministers Meeting

    Why in News Recently, Foreign Ministers from the Group of 4 (G4), consisting of India, Brazil, Japan and Germany, participated in a virtual...

    24 Sep 2020 News Analysis

  • UN 75 Declaration

    Why in News Recently, a commemorative declaration marking the 75th anniversary of the signing of the United Nations (UN) Charter was delayed as...

    27 Jun 2020 News Analysis

  • BRICS Foreign Ministers Meet

    Why in News Recently, the External Affairs Minister of India attended the BRICS Foreign Ministers meet through video conferencing. This meeting...

    29 Apr 2020 News Analysis

  • UN Security Council

    Why in News Recently, China has taken over as president of the UN Security Council for the month of March 2020. Key points The Security...

    19 Mar 2020 News Analysis

  • USA-Taliban Peace Deal

    Why in News The United States has signed a historic deal with Taliban insurgents that could pave the way for ending the 18-year-war in...

    02 Mar 2020 News Analysis

  • West Bank Settlements

    Why in News The United States has declared that it does not consider Israeli settlements on the West Bank a violation of international law. The...

    20 Nov 2019 News Analysis

  • India-Germany

    This article is based on “Engaging Germany” which was published in Indian Express on 05/11/2019. It talks about the various narratives...

    05 Nov 2019 News Editorials

  • India - Germany

    Why in News German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited India from 31st October - 1st November 2019 for the fifth round of Inter-Governmental...

    02 Nov 2019 News Analysis

  • The Big Picture: UN’s Financial Crisis

    Recently, the United Nations’ (UN) Secretary-General held that the UN may run out of money by the end of October. The UN is running on a...

    21 Oct 2019 Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha Discussions

  • India-Netherlands

    Recently, the King and Queen of the Kingdom of Netherlands visited India to give an impetus to the bilateral ties shared by the two nations. Key...

    15 Oct 2019 News Analysis

  • Vice President’s Visit to Comoros and Sierra Leone

    The Vice President of India recently visited Comoros and Sierra Leone - two African countries. The visit was first-ever visit by such a high-level...

    14 Oct 2019 News Analysis

  • Quad and G-4 Meet

    The foreign ministers of the Quad countries - India, US, Australia and Japan - met on the sidelines of the UNGA meeting on 27th September...

    27 Sep 2019 News Analysis

  • India - Russia

    The Prime Minister of India was on a two-day visit to Russia to attend the 20th India-Russia annual summit and the 5th meeting of the Eastern...

    06 Sep 2019 News Analysis

  • The Big Picture- UNSC & Permanent Seat for India

    Indian Vice President recently claimed that “India representing one-sixth of the global population has a rightful claim to the permanent...

    05 Sep 2019 Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha Discussions

  • India-Bahrain

    The Prime Minister of India, during his visit to Bahrain, launched a USD 4.2 million redevelopment project of the 200-year-old Lord Sri Krishna...

    26 Aug 2019 News Analysis

  • UNSC on Persecution of Minorities

    China and Pakistan were targeted at Arria-Formula Meeting of the United Nation Security Council for their persecution of religious...

    24 Aug 2019 News Analysis

  • Baltic Nations

    The Vice President of India is on a trip to Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia from 17th-21st August 2019, the first-ever high-level visit from India to...

    21 Aug 2019 News Analysis

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