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  • 21 Mar 2023
  • 5 min read

World Sparrow Day

Every year on 20th March, World Sparrow Day is observed, it is designated to raise awareness about sparrow conservation and protection, as their numbers are declining globally. The theme of World Sparrow Day 2023 is “I Love Sparrows”, with the goal of encouraging more people to appreciate the relationship between humans and sparrows. According to the survey conducted by the Travancore Nature History Society (TNHS), The house sparrow population in Thiruvananthapuram city has recorded a significant reduction. The decline in population has been attributed to the oppressive heat and a lack of food supplies in the traditional areas of the city.

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Recently, Government of India has launched a monthly allowance of Rs. 20,000 for up to one year for women-led Startups under ‘herSTART’ platform. Women-led business enterprises are playing a noticeable role in society by generating employment opportunities in the country, bringing in demographic shifts and inspiring the next generation of women founders.

herSTART is a platform to boost innovation and start-up efforts of women entrepreneurs and also help them connect with various government and private enterprises. In India at least 36 unicorns and potential unicorns in India have at least one-woman founder or co-founder. India is focussing on creating women-led entrepreneurship through initiatives, schemes, networks and communities and activating partnerships among diverse stakeholders in the Startup ecosystem.

Currently, As of January 2023, 47 companies' world over has achieved the decacorn status (startups that have a valuation of over 1 billion dollars). Presently, India has five Startups namely, Flipkart, BYJU’s, Nykaa, Swiggy and PhonePe added in the decacorn unit.

Kalanidhi Awards 2023

Recently, Carnatic vocalist Bombay Jayashri, who is known for her melodic and meditative style of singing and is recognised by a Padma Shri from the Indian government has been selected for the Sangita Kalanidhi award of the Music Academy for 2023. Sangita Kalanidhi award is considered the highest accolade in the field of Carnatic music, it came into existence in 1942. The award comprises a gold medal and a birudu patra (citation).

Vasanthalakshmi Narasimhachari has been selected for The Nritiya Kalanidhi award for dance. Vasanthalakshmi Narasimhachari excels both in Bharathanatyam and Kuchipudi.

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Enemy Properties

Recently, the home ministry has begun the process to sell enemy properties. These are immovable assets left behind by people who have taken citizenship in Pakistan and China after wars with these countries. The guidelines for disposal of enemy properties have been changed, under which the process for eviction of enemy properties now shall be initiated with the help of a district magistrate or deputy commissioner before the sale of properties.

Enemy properties valued between Rs 1 crore and Rs 100 crore will be disposed of by the Custodian of Enemy Property of India an authority created under the Enemy Property Act, 1968 through an electronic auction or otherwise, as may be decided by the central government and at the rate determined by the Enemy Property Disposal Committee.

A survey conducted by the Directorate General of Defence Estates will assess the present condition and value of the enemy properties identified by the CEPI. There are a total of 12,611 establishments of enemy property, estimated to be worth over Rs. 1 lakh crore, in the country. Out of the 12,611 properties vested with the CEPI, 12,485 were related to Pakistani nationals and 126 to Chinese citizens. The highest number of enemy properties were found in Uttar Pradesh and least is Andhra Pradesh and Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

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