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  • 25 Oct 2023
  • 4 min read

Raising Day of Indo-Tibetan Border Police

The Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP), is a dedicated force responsible for safeguarding India's borders with Tibet (China). The Prime Minister praised their unwavering determination and courage on their raising day (24th October), acknowledging their vital role in protecting the nation's border security and integrity.

  • The ITBP is a specialized mountain force of India, which was established on 24th October 1962, soon after the India-China war which was initially meant for deployment along the India-China border.
  • ITBP was initially raised under the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) Act, 1949. However, in 1992, parliament enacted the ITBP Act and the rules were framed in 1994.
  • However, over the years, ITBP has also been deployed for various internal security duties, including anti-Naxal operations. The force is known for its expertise in high-altitude rescue and mountaineering operations.

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ICT Labs for PM Shri Schools

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) labs and Smart Classrooms for PM Shri schools are to be introduced in Haryana for adopting modern technology in the classrooms which will enhance the quality of education and provide a better learning experience to the students.

  • ICT labs and Smart Classrooms bridge urban-rural digital gap, providing equal education opportunities.
  • PM Shri is a centrally sponsored scheme for upgradation and development of more than 14500 Schools across the country which aims at strengthening the selected existing schools from amongst schools managed by Central Government/ State/UT Government/ local bodies.
  • It will showcase all components of the National Education Policy 2020 and act as exemplar schools and also offer mentorship to other schools in their vicinity.

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Ball Lightning

Ball lightning, a rare natural event, is a luminous sphere that typically appears near lightning strikes.

  • It can penetrate closed windows and is usually accompanied by a hissing sound, and has a lifetime of several seconds.
    • The color is quite variable and the ball often ends with an explosion. However, it is not usually destructive.
  • Also, it is sometimes called globe lightning, these spheres are thought to be composed of plasma, an ionized state of matter with freely moving ions.

Supreme Court Rectifies Long-standing Employment Issue

In a recent landmark decision, the Supreme Court has rectified a 30-year-old injustice in a public employment case.

  • The Court invoked its powers under Article 142 of the Constitution, ordering the concerned department to appoint an individual to a probationary position for 10 years.
    • Article 142 of the Constitution grants the Supreme Court the unique authority to deliver "complete justice" in situations where the law or statutes may not offer a remedy.
  • SC held that a public employer, which falls under the 'state' category as per Article 12 of the Constitution, cannot dismiss a candidate from job consideration without a valid and justifiable reason.
  • The ruling underscores the importance of clear and fair eligibility criteria from the outset of a selection process and reaffirms the principle of non-discrimination in public employment.

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